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Just to make sure of broken vein

Just to make sure of broken vein

Hi there guys,

I’ve done some reading on this section-injuries and treatment. I just want to make sure. I’ve been off from PE for more than three months. Last Tuesday I decided to do it again, with one on one off routine. This morning while changing for work I do some stretching and dry jelqing. So stupid of me, I just got carried away. It seems that I’ve dry jelq too hard-even though I didn’t shower with hot water so stupid huh. As the result I have blood spot on my skin-I’m uncut, the blood spot is on the foreskin. I’ve tried to put an ice over the blood spot in order to shrink the vein so it wont bleed to much. After I arrived in my office I went straight to the toilet to check on the spot. I think it’s got bigger. I’ve once got this broken vein, but long time ago when I first try PE. Back than I just wait a few days and it will disappear.
Now, I think the blood spot happened in the same spot again.

What I would like to make sure is, will this spot/broken vein will disappear, the blood will re-absorbed by our body with out doing any treatment?. How can you know that your cock is ready for another PE session?. Have you guys ever got this broken vein in the same place twice?.

Hoping from response from you guys who have been in the same situation. Thank you in advance for your help and have a nice day.


You are going to have to learn a little self control, because your injuries are causing you to have more healing time then exercise time. It is better to PE moderately for several months in a row, then to PE using heavy pressure, busting blood vessels, and recuperating for several months in a row.

You are not going to need any special treatment to heal. Probably most of the spot will disappear in a week or so. Then start again slowly, like the newbie you are and use moderate pressure.

This is not a race, but if it were, your technique puts you in last place. Slow and steady wins this race.

Hi gprent101,

Thank you very much for your reply, its so deep. What you said to me is absolutely right. I need to learn self controll. I’ve been off from PE too long. I should try to start as a newbie again. Once again thanks. Have a nice day.



i had been doing pe for 1 year and seen good result 4 days back while i was doing sad slak slinki my penis head is not becomig as big as it would become while jelqing

what is problem

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