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Thrombosed Vein

Thrombosed Vein

It maybe one or not. There was a small lump about 2 inches below my head on the right side of the shaft on top. The lump lasted for around 5 minutes after pumping today. I noticed that it was right over a blue vein the big one. Now the lump is gone like i said it lasted oly 5 minutes. But where the little lump was that part of the vein looks darker than the rest. The size is that of a matchead there is no soreness no pain nothing. Just curious as if I should continue to pump or stay away from it for a few days. Also is there any site on the net that has pictures of thrombosed veins of the penis. I did a search on google but did not find any good pictures at all actually nothing.

I don’t know what you might be seeing, but I can share a bad experience with pumping when I was starting out. I also discovered lumps that soon led to full-fleged infection. I detailed this before in the pumper’s forum…

Don’t leave the pressure on for more that 5 or 10 mins. max. This is a biggie. In my beginning over-zealousness I would leave the pressure on for 20 to even 40 mins. This did not last long. I soon discovered small hard lumps along my dorsal vein and around the base of my glans. In a few days this developed into a full-fledged infection. My dick became sore and red and started to swell up. A couple days later it was obvious I was in trouble so I went to a urologist and told him what I was doing. He said that the blood trapped under pressure for so long caused white blood cells to collect and congest the veins. This created the infection.
He put me on strong anit-biotics for a couple of weeks. He said, left untreated for long could have caused major complications, and possibly led to amputation. He may have been trying to scare me but I believe it considering the condition my dick was in at the time.
This whole experience cost me $500.00 in doctor visits and medication, not to mention the embarrasement.

In short, continually release the pressure every few minutes, or pump while continually leaking pressure.

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