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Testicle lightly cut while shaving

Testicle lightly cut while shaving

Guys, I cut the surface of my testicle slightly while shaving. I don’t feel any pain or something and it almost did not bleed, 1-2 very small drops, but as it is my ball I freaked out and wanted to ask you if it is okay?

I did this with a small nail scissor actually, not a shaver. Here is a photo 30 minutes after:

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It’s okay, you just need to be careful next time. I’ve cut into the skin several times, no scars or something. The only problem: It hurts.

I guess that I have been fortunate. I have shaved the base of my shaft and my testicles for years, and have never cut of nicked either. Just be more careful. By the way I use a single blade safety razor, not those multiple things.


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I’ve done it a couple times before. Just wash with antibacterial soap and water. Needless to say just keep it clean.

Funny story, I managed to pinch some of the skin of my testicle one night when I was drunk and scratching them.

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I’ve done this before. Usually not serious. Apply some aftershave to stem the bleeding. Next time, use a good woman’s shaver which is a lot more gentle than the male razor blades.

I hope you mean you cut your scrotum and not your testicle, because if your did cut your testicle that’s a pretty deep nick.:) Getting a cut or nick on your scrotum or penis is no different than getting one anywhere on your body. Been there; done that. If your keep it clean and dry it will heal just fine. If your need a little psychological lift you can use a little of any of the things I call “voodoo juice” (bacitracin or betadine solution) - maybe they work; maybe they don’t. They can’t hurt.

I know, when you cut your guy or his sac of friends, it feels pretty concerning. But I’m more concerned about nicking my face shaving - it’s more noticeable (hopefully, or you’ll get arrested) and people might think I attempted suicide (or at minimum, that I don’t know what I’m doing when I shave)..

Is it getting better now? Need to be careful buddy.

I cannot even see it, big guy.. Have a couple oreos and if its not better call me in the morning.

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Can feel like a paper cut sometimes, but nothing to worry about. I would just give it a some time to heal before shaving again. I tried shaving once shortly after cutting myself and ended up reopening the wound, it kinda sucked.

~No Worries~

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