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I no longer have a right testicle.


I no longer have a right testicle.

I did PE a few months ago and gained about .25 in in girth and length, but then I stopped for various reasons. I was going to start up again with a newbie routine until this came along..

Well, about two and a half weeks ago, I noticed one night that my right testicle had become slightly larger and was quite hard. The next day, I went to urgent care and had them examine my testicle (one doctor and and resident poking my balls and using a flashlight to shine light on my sac.strange experience) and then I had an ultrasound done on my right testicle and my appendix (because I had a lot of pain there). They gave me Vicodine and told me to see a urologist, which I scheduled an appointment asap. Luckily, my college starts in late September and I have plenty of time until it starts. Also, my dad has connections within the hospital I went to so we were able to get an appointment two days after I went to urgent care. The urologist looked at the ultrasound and diagnosed the swelling as a hydrocele (fluid build up). He said I was in pain because there was an infection and that the swelling should go down with antibiotics. I took the antibiotics for two days and instead of getting better, things got exponentially worse. My right testicle became four times it’s regular size (no exaggeration, this thing was bigger than an egg) and I had to spread my legs to walk. I went to the emergency room with immense pain, waited for FOUR hours, finally got admitted and was put on an IV, was told that I would need surgery, AND WAS SENT HOME..

You would think that because I need surgery and I’m a grown man almost in tears, I would have been admitted there and then to get the surgery. Nope. Sent home. I’ll come back to this.

The next day, after being sent home, I couldn’t walk and was forced to lay down all day and take a lot of vicodine to take the burning edge off of the pain. The swelling got worse, and I was seriously having images of my testicle exploding. Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore and we made calls to every doctor friend we know. About two hours later (thank GOD we know people) of calling family doctor friends, one of our friends was able to get me admitted (what would someone do in my situation if we didn’t know any doctors? Wait a week until they’re admitted?) . When I got to the hospital I got another IV put into me and another ultrasound was done. If you’ll remember, I had an ultrasound done 5 days prior to this ultrasound. I was looking at the monitor with one of the doctors who was going to operate on me along with the ultrasound tech. He showed my left testicle was alive and well, but unfortunately my right was everything but alive. The ultrasound I had done prior to this one showed healthy blood flow and a healthy testicle with a hydrocele. The second ultrasound showed no blood flow whatsoever with a large hydrocele and a testicular torsion (a torsion is when your testicle twists, loses blood, and dies in four hours). I saw my left testicle with blue and red colors (red showing blood going in, blue showing blood going out) and my right testicle with nothing but blue all over it, meaning only blood was going away. I felt like throwing up because he said it only can be like that for four hours and it’s non-reparable. They got me into surgery, I woke up, and my doctor said the testicle was completely black and they removed it. If I had gotten in sooner, then there would have been a possible chance that they could have either a.) removed the hydrocele/infection before it became tors-ed or b.) once it was torsed, repaired it before it was too late. I HAD THAT CHANCE. When I went to the ER, they sent me home instead of giving me surgery. All of our doctor friends who helped with this situation said they should have and by policy, needed to get me into surgery. It may have been too late even then, but there is a possibility that I would still have two balls for pity sakes..

I have all of the reproductive function I have always have (I checked, multiple times, and I still have the same cum load oddly enough) and can still have kids, I just have one testicle. Which sucks..

Once again I’m thinking of trying PE and starting up a newbie routine, but I have run into a slight problem. I had the surgery about a week and a half ago, and right now, if I pull my penis to the left for a regular manual stretch, I have a dull pain. I have stretched before (before the surgery) and have never had this before. I am about a week and a half out of surgery, and I had some minor pains in my groin (expected post op).

<B>After giving this long explanation of my situation, my question is this:</b> If I wait about a week or so more (making it about 2-3 weeks after surgery) and I begin stretching with low intensity with jelqs in a basic newbie routine, would it be safe as long as there is no pain? If there is still pain, is my pain likely to go away? They didn’t operate where my ligaments are, they only operated on my right testicle so it would make sense to me if the pain did indeed go away.any input would be gratefully appreciated.

This may be in the wrong forum, but I’m a newbie and I believe I can’t post anywhere else.

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Short-Term Goal: EBP: 6.00'; EG: 4.50

Total Gains: EBP: +.25 EG: +.25

Damn! I am very sorry for you man! I can not believe they sent you home! Or that you had to wait for four hours! That would have never happened here in Norway.

Good thing is that you still can have kids one day! I am no doctor but I would think it would be a good idea to take a few more weeks of rest and then try some very light stretches and wet jelqing, making sure you are well warmed up first. I would wait until I felt no pain to make sure I did not risk anything.

Hope you get well soon!

I’d give it another month or so just to be on the safe side.

You’ve got to be extra careful with what you’ve got now, no?

Use the wait to organise the malpractise suit with a good lawyer and get some monetary reimbursement for your loss.

That’s what I’d be doing.

See Ya,


We’re actually waiting on my medical records as I speak. If we can prove that he said I need surgery (which he indeed did say and he then sent me home) then there is a chance my dad and I will take this up with the head of the ER. They didn’t even do an ultrasound in the ER.they just gave me pain killers and sent me home with a testicle as big as a baseball.

Pre-PE: EBP: 5.50'; EG: 4.25'

Short-Term Goal: EBP: 6.00'; EG: 4.50

Total Gains: EBP: +.25 EG: +.25

Sorry to hear about all that. A dude I used to work with at UPS and later did welding with, had that happen as a teen to him. They saved it in time, but he said the pain was indescribable. Another dude I worked with at UPS, who knew this other dude above too, fucked his nut up lifting overweight packages without help cause he is a stubborn fucktard. Anyhow over about 5 years and a half dozen surgeries, they finally plucked out his nut too. He had a different medical problem though.

Nut pain is nothing to walk off or sleep off. GO TO the ER even if you don’t have insurance, it is still worth it, than taking such a signifigant loss.

I wouldn’t do anything down there for a bit. Let it all right itself first for at least a month plus, just to be on the safe side. Any pain, just stop, it isn’t worth it.

Get well.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I had an operation for a hydrocele a few months ago, not a fun experiance. They were able to save my nuts though.

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Damn dude.. You should sue.

I would wait 8 weeks before starting PE. The last thing you need is problems healing. 8 weeks is insignificant in terms of PE. Its not like you are going to miss out on a couple of inches of length gain or anything. If you hurt yourself stretching, you will be sorry.

I feel sorry for you and your shitty luck. The docs did not treat you right that is for sure. Good luck with your pursuit of justice. Don’t they have prosthetic nuts they put in now, just so you look “balanced”?

It makes sense that your load hasn’t changed. Most of the fluid comes from the prostate, not the testicles.

Horny Bastard

Originally Posted by Patience825

(what would someone do in my situation if we didn’t know any doctors? Wait a week until they’re admitted?) .

Or drink a bottle of whiskey, and chop off your own nut.

Horny Bastard

:eek2: Damn. This really sucks, I am sorry for your loss. I agree with Gentle Wind, you should sue.

If I where you, I shouldn’t worry so much about PE now but only worry about your recovery. After that see if you can get painless erections and stretch and jelq painless. If that is the case, I see no reason why you couldn’t do PE. But be careful with other exercises, try them really careful, your groin area is unfortunately weaker now. Only do high pressure exercises like clamping and pumping when nothing else works.

Strength and good luck my friend :thumbs: .

When I had the operation I filled my doctor in about PE and stuff. He said I should wait atleast 4 weeks until I do light excersises and 8 weeks before I do anything more intense than low erection wet jelqs.

Just take a bit of a break, its not worth the pain

My Goal...To Look good NAKED

Such medical incompetence in one of the richest countries on earth beggars belief! :furious:

I am so sorry to hear of your horrendous experience Patience825 and I cannot begin to imagine how you must feel, but I do hope that the strength of character so evident in your post serves you well, both now and in the future.

Donate to Thunder's Place and help save the daffodils :spin2: , but remember to add an extra 30 cents every time :leftie:

Just wondering, I might have missed it, was this a PE related injury or just some random stroke of bad luck?

Very sorry to hear what happened Patience825 since I heard your story, I became really concerned on finding a way to avoid testicle twists, if someone knows please post, I would really appreciate.

Again Patience825, very sorry for what happened.


Your situation is beyond unforgiveable. I hope you sue the shit out of that doctor and that hospital.

I think you really need to listen to us: the situation is you have had surgery. The last thing you need to worry about is jelqing.

Two to three months rest is what your body needs to fully recover. The 4 week recommendation is way too early.

mravg is right, why not see if your erectile function comes back to normal first?

Three months is a short time in the PE universe, but it might be just the time you need as far as recovery.

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