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Testicle question

Testicle question


New here. I have been PE(ing) for about a week now and have already had some promising initial results. I am starting with measurements of about 7.5” erect and 5.3” limp. My question isn’t really in regard to the penis though. I have a question concerning testicles and am interested to see if anyone might have the same problem or an useful advice. Generally speaking, I have a fairly large scrotum and testicles. When the testicles are not cold or drawn up due to an erection my left testicle, which is about the same size as the right testicle, hangs in the quite nicely and ‘low’, the sort of swinging effect. However, my right testicle is never even close to hanging at the same length as the left testicle. I would say the right one is about 1.5” higher than the left. There is no pain, I have great erections, good semen quality and quantity, etc. It is really the aesthetic that I am concerned with, it just sort of looks odd. After doing my stretching, jelqing, hanging, etc., I have also been doing the 5 minute testicle massage and stretching. Will this help? At first I thought I might have what is termed an ‘undescended testicle’, but after reading up I am FIRMLY convinced that is not the problem. So if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate your input.

Many guys have this, only the difference of 1.5” is really big. You could try to carefully pull the higher testicle down and close the gab a little this way. This technique looks like mine scrotum expansion, with the exception that I used both balls back then.

Yeah the left generally hangs lower than the right so I don’t think it’s anything abnormal, even with a 1.5” difference. But if it keeps bothering you, see a urologist for your own peace of mind.

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