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Squeezing the head while stretching

Squeezing the head while stretching

When I do manual stretching I have to pull pretty damn hard before I can even feel it in my dick. I attribute this to a habit that goes back years: stretching my penis while I sleep. I’ve been known to pull my dick for hours while sleeping. I don’t pull hard, but maybe it was enough over the years to build up a little resistance or toughen the little guy up, I dunno.

Anyway, I pull that guy damn hard and when I’m done, the tip of my head is all wrinkled and very, very red. I’ve noticed little “thick pads” on my head, as well. I have these right after stretching, they’re just little small spots of raised skin that look and feel thicker than the skin around them. I’ve noticed these areas are less sensitive. It reminds of of how your skin would raise up and get numb when you were a kid and got a bunch of snow down in your pants or in your boots that was touching skin. I’m not at all worried about it, but I thought I should mention it just to be on the safe side. Oh, I’ve been PEing since May 3 or 5 (can’t remember) and have had prominent bruising at the tip of my dick ever since. I only stretch, so it isn’t from jelqing. For some reason I can’t get myself to have a partial erection to jelq. When I’m not having ED and I an get blood in there, I do jelq, but it isn’t often enough to contribute to the bruising.

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Ihad the bruising for about a week. I didnt think to much of it either because i knew what i was doing. Try reversing your grip.(its hard for me i only do it once in a while.) And add more baby powder. Might help.

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when you stretch dont grab it with your thumb and fingers. that puts too much pressure in one point on the head.

try grabbing it by squeezing it between your two middle fingers and palm.olny stretch for about 15 seconds then rest for 5 seconds,(this lets blood flow back into the head.)

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