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Some stuff that might help with injuries

Some stuff that might help with injuries

I was just reading a thread by someone on another forum that has had this loss of sensation issue for 15 years with no improvements, and I wanted to try to offer whatever information I could. I think people in general should be careful about posting stuff claiming to cure these issues because these guys (understandably, myself including) want to get better so bad that if Jim Jones came back to life and told us we could be cured by drinking Kool Aid a lot of us would be tempted to try it. Someone posts something claiming it will help and it will get circulated around for years and years by guys who have no other hope.

I’m lucky in one sense that I can see the gash/tear causing my loss of sexual sensation directly beneath the skin of the penis. Imagine a tear in a piece of cloth, except the skin itself is perfectly intact- it is a layer of tissue directly beneath the skin. I can also feel when there are improvements in this gash/tear, a crawling, prickling, digging itching sensation, or damage, pain or no pain, but an odd feeling. Despite the numerous improvements I’ve had, it isn’t fully healed even after 4 years, but because I can see and feel exactly what’s happening, I know when progress is being made.

With that said, if your issue is due to structural damage in your penile or pelvic region, I can recommend some things, but keep in mind that even if these work it could still take a long time to make any substantial progress let alone heal. If I couldn’t actually see the gash/tear, I never would have even realized that these things helped at all.

First is the type of chair you sit in. Even small differences in the shape of a chair seat or how high your feet are off of the ground have a huge impact on blood flow in the genital region, so if there is damage certain chairs can help promote bloodflow into the damaged area and cause improvements. If you can’t see or feel exactly where the damage is, then it would probably be impossible to know which chairs are the best, but as I continue to hone in, I can update about what types of chairs/cushions may be the best.

Also ejaculating in different positions, but the chair thing seems better so there isn’t really any need for this anymore.

Next are food/supplements. Certain things will help blood flow, stimulate the nervous system, relax muscles, boost hormones, all which can increase stimulation and ultimately bloodflow to the genital region, helping with improvements. The best thing might be to eat a variety of different things. As long as you have a balanced diet, you should be OK. Food is more of a bonus but won’t cause improvements on it’s own.

Third is long distance running. This is something I just started not too long ago, but is showing promise. There was a thread I read a long time ago where a guy said that after a girl had sucked really hard on penis during a blowjob it had gone numb, and remained numb for a few years, but after starting long distance running for awhile, sensation came back. Since long distance running increases bloodflow, in the event of damage, it may help promote bloodflow where it’s needed.

So if you are really stuck with no progress, a good place to start would probably be with long distance running. Start out with just a little, work your way up and see how things are after a couple of months, but running is healthy anyway. Even if it is helping, if there is enough damage, it could take a long time to go away fully.

A few things which need to be touched on again- promoting blood flow in different ways, for instance, sitting in a certain chair versus kegeling, will have completely different results. So when I talk about promoting blood flow, be wary not to misinterpret it to mean that anything which promotes blood flow will all have the same effect.

The first time I observed how big of an effect different chairs could have was after I watched a movie when sitting in a plastic green chair with more of a cup shape to the seat, a slight bump under the thighs. Later that day, there was a strong digging, crawling, prickling itch in the center of the gash/tear and by sitting in that chair for two months I ended up with a long bubble of tissue forming in the center of the gash/tear, basically healing that area entirely.

After that I wasn’t sure if there would be one ‘perfect’ chair that would heal the injury completely or if different chairs would heal different areas, and I’m getting closer to be able to say that different chairs will heal different areas.

The key thing though was that the green plastic chair doesn’t look that much different from your average wooden desk chair, or other plastic chairs with slightly different shape to the seat, and I had spent countless hours sitting in those other kinds of chairs with zero improvements at all. I also tried kegeling and using a therawand with no improvements. The subtle difference in the shape of the seat made such a big difference, which indicates that despite two things seeming similar, or both promoting blood flow, they won’t necessarily deliver the same results.

The main point is in advising people to try long distance running to promote blood flow doesn’t mean that doing light PE to promote blood flow will have the same effect. Light PE isn’t something I’ve experimented with since the injury much at all. I only did a little bit of pumping a few times but didn’t have any results. Light PE could help a lot, maybe not, maybe make things worse, maybe help a lot but need to be used very carefully in order to avoid making things worse, it would take experimentation on the part of people with injuries to find out.

All I can say is that different chairs can make a huge difference, and long distance running is something that may help and I would strongly advise for long term injuries, but please don’t generalize it into other potential ways of promoting blood flow.

Also thanks to anyone out there who was willing to hear me out that I might have criticized in the past.

I wanted to update with some info, I think the best thing would be to provide updates to this thread as I go along. I’ll try to keep it as brief as I can without sacrificing important details.

Some general stuff about confronting injuries- if you are going to experiment to try and make it better, do so carefully and methodically, the last thing you want is to make anything worse. On one extreme, you can just say forget it, I don’t want to risk it, I’m not going to do anything, which is the safest route but the least likely to give results, and at the other extreme is the Hail Mary pass approach, try some crazy, high risk thing like flying to another country for experimental surgery in the hopes it’ll solve the problem completely. Both of those options come from feeling overwhelmed, and either giving up by saying nothing can be done, or giving up and saying F it, I’m just going to roll the dice. The best way to approach it is not with fear or recklessness, but with bold action- which means decisive, well thought out, careful and methodical steps based on trial and error. Start with the lowest risk solutions carefully, pay close attention to what happens, and use the data to make further decisions.

Also, sometimes when something might help, it could also make things worse. For instance, if someone overworks with PE, their erections might be worse for a bit, but that doesn’t mean PE doesn’t work. So in trying things to help with an injury, keep in mind that something making it worse could be evidence that it could actually help if done differently, or not done as much. For me, with sitting in different chairs, the wrong chair can actually increase the chance of further damage, which tells me two things- first, avoid the wrong chairs, but also, that chairs in general are doing something. Sometimes even chairs that overall are very helpful can cause a bit of damage, but overall, I come out ahead by sitting in them. If an athlete is in rehab after an injury, the rehab might cause little aches and pains, or even a set back here and there, but overall will be crucial for their recovery.

The next step for me is ordering some new chairs, so once I’ve gotten and experimented with those, if they help, I can post more specifically about which types of chairs might be the best for people with injuries to sit in for extended periods of time.

Stay smart guys, patience, planning, careful thought out trial and error. Observe and learn.

I am going to do a bit of careful and conservative experimenting with the angion method 1 and 2.0, and 3.0(vascion method) and figured I should update this thread first, since I already explained here about the fundamental nature of the gash/tear injury that I’m trying to recover from, so this way I won’t need to re-explain it again on another new thread in order for people to follow what I’m talking about. Plus I can share some new info about chairs.

The chances of a chair alone leading to full recover are probably pretty slim in most cases, because different chairs cause improvements or damage to different parts of the damage area, based on how bloodflow is altered from sitting in that particular chair. You can be pushing more bloodflow into a certain spot to help with improvements, or causing too much pressure to build in a certain spot causing damage. If there is one perfect chair, I still have’t found it, although I do planning on trying out more office chairs, and higher end bariatric chairs.

I went to a few furniture showrooms, tested a bunch of chairs, and bought a recliner that I thought was the best. I also found a swivel glider in perfect condition that someone in my neighborhood was throwing away, which was better than practically every chair I tried in the showrooms except for the recliner I bought, so I took that too. I also bought an office chair, which is fairly decent so far and good enough to keep, but I’ll probably try another one as well at some point.

It does help, and for me, where I can see and feel each time there are damage or improvements, I’m going to pursue every possibility within reason. If anyone has questions about specific chairs you can message me about it.

Just a reminder to my brothers out there on the forums experimenting with things to overcome their challenges: be careful. It’s your penis, not the lightbulb, so even if you are prepared to fail 1000 times before finding what works, take it _slow and steady_ and test a mild, lesser, gentler version of any new idea in the beginning.

I ordered a silicone based lubricant, wet platinum (the one Janus recommended) and it’ll be here in a week. Then the next step will be to try AM1.

Do it!!!!!

Wait I just realized I posted my last post on the wrong thread. I meant to post it on my angion/vascion thread. Is there anyway for my last post to be removed from this thread and added to the appropriate one?

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