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How I avoid injuries

How I avoid injuries

Hello, I thought this was a good thread to reply in regarding injuries, as I had a pretty bad experience myself. I didn’t find this site until about 2 months ago while I was searching for means increasing my size. I have been trying different “custom” methods myself on and off including hanging weights, manual stretching etc for about 2 years, and gained about an inch in length, but very little girth.

So I was looking for a way to increase girth, many of the exercises here was new to me but I thought like I’ve been going at the poor thing for years it should handle it, so I made my first mistake by starting with extreme Ulis for girth with the stroke movement from the top of the penile glans towards the base, on top of that I used a counter movement from the base. It felt like the whole of corpus spongiosum contracted like a metal spring, only did this exercise 2-3 times because I felt I did something very awkward.

I also started the newbie routine(including warm-ups/downs) with 200 strokes, but only for 2 days because after the second pass/exercise on day 2, the whole penis went numb and was a lot bigger/firmer flaccid, this incident happened like a light switch, also for the first week any kind of erection was impossible. Gradually the erections was coming back but soft, with deflated head and they went away in seconds without heavy stimulation (probably because of the nerve injury) but I calculated I had some venous leakage to I was reading about. Anyway after 3 months, ironically after starting with some light PE for a week or so, I mean very light pressure milking like 20 2 sec strokes, I seem to have regained some sensitivity and I can keep erections pretty long. Nerves take a whole lot of time to heal, I didn’t feel anything(like rubber) down there for 3 months but then I started feeling tingling signs.

It’s maybe at 60% sensitivity after 3 months but I’m happy it’s getting better at all after so long time, Also the fact the erections started coming back probably loosened some mental lockups. I don’t know which exercises caused it probably a combination, also I probably applied way to much pressure in the milking(also towards the head, behind the glans where there is a nerve bundle especially exposed if you are semi erect/erect). I’ve read a lot about others injuries, it actually made me a bit more relaxed, I truly think there are people out there who seriously injured though, I feel like I could have injured myself a lot worse. Imagine a totally beginner without any previous experience whatsoever other than normal masturbation going at it like I did. So all beginners should carefully read up on the anatomy of your penis and exercise instructions, also hear what others with experience has to say about them and probably even then start out a lot lighter than instructed if you are new. I think you can gain size with harder erections (increasing inflow) ,if you are persistent and careful, the latter which I’m emphasizing now. I had no idea because of ignorance what I could cause my manhood. Also I’m not sure myself what is actually growing, but I believe it’s the specialised muscle and endothelium cells (that normally line blood vessels) that are in the cavernous cylinders (don’t think it applies to spongiosum), if they can grow it in the lab why not by stimulating it to divide by pushing blood into it? Also blood vessels grow so.. . Anyway hang in there if you are experiencing something similar, but also a doctor is probably not a bad idea in case there is something more serious like a fracture.

Peace out

Hey just wanted to update my status, after over 2 years things are starting to be “normal” again. I never believed the nerves/blood vessels could heal, but apparently something has, I’m nearly at 100%. Obviously, I will never do the advanced Uli’s again.

Nice to hear that, Rootman.

Thanks for the updates. It’s a good lesson for everyone to go slowly and to pay attention to all the physiological signs. I’m glad you healed up. What routine, if any, have you been following/are you following?

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Before the injury I had just followed the newbie routine with heated towel warmup 5-10 min and flaccid/semi “milking” max 20 strokes light grip, which seemed to work really good, alot harder erections and also some girth gain at the end of shaft close to the head( my starting stats was BPEL: 8” and EG:6”), and ending after 2 months (BPEL:8”, and EG:6,1) so something definately happend with the girth towards under the head. After this I started some light hanging and then I lost it and injured myself with those insane strokes from the head towards the bottom and vice versa I think those countermovements will really strain vessels and nerves. I’m gonna keep to the newbie routine from now on, I really believe in the excercises it’s use it or lose it, just don’t overdo it.

Not sure what made you want to search PE with a member that size, but I’m glad you’re healed! Must be the scare of a lifetime thinking you might not be able to get hard again, and that it’s your own fault (as opposed to being born with a defect for instance). Thanks for sharing your story.

I’ve been experimenting with power jelqing, ULIs and Horse 440s after several months on some variation of the newbie routine. Not sure if I over did it last time. My penis feels fine but I feel a bit of a strange flowing sensation, as if I can feel some kinda fluid or blood flowing in or out of the penis. It’s a very slight sensation, barely noticeable but it’s there. Erections seem to be fine, so I’m not sure what it is. Of course the worst crosses one’s mind, though not very seriously, so I wondered if there was some leakage. Perhaps my penis is just adjusting or recuperating from the increased trauma?

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