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Restricted blood flow

Restricted blood flow

I lost a lot of size from erect jelqing (one inch) and I’m not sure what shrank. Was it the tunica or the cavernosa? Did I burst capilairies?

Also, when I flex my erections, they feel a little painful at the head and don’t have that pleasant pull to them like they used to. Is this an indicator that something is blocking blood flow?

I’m taking vitamin E and gingko, but I hear you need heat down there. How does one go about supplying heat to him?

I’m not sure if I should massage him daily and do kegels, or totally abstain and do nothing.

Please help, my life is not the same without my guy.

This is the same answer I gave to mopek on a similar subject.

How about good diet, protiens, vitamins, water. You are what you eat. Give it something good to heal and grow on.

Promote blood to the area by keeping it warm. Blood brings in the nutrients and oxygen needed for healing.

Go to Target and buy a heating pad for around $15, made by Kaz with a 12X15 inch pad.

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