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Question if thrombosed

Question if thrombosed

Alright, well i am newbie registerer to this site but have been reading these post for while. I read through all the other post about thrombosed veins and still had a question.

On last saturday i had a lot of free time and decided to do a lot of stretching followed a normal jelquing routine. By the way i have been PE’ins since june 1st so its not new. On saturday everything was fine but Sunday rolled around and it hurt to use the power jelq device. (found really good results with it) Only when i got to that area. Since it hurt i just hand jelqued and it did not hurt a bit.

I would use it and about half way down my penis it would hurt a little. I noticed that the big vein that come from your body down the top of the penis was really big. (Since i have been pe’ing my veins had gotten bigger). But at the point where this vein curls and dissapears into the middle of the penis(about midshaft) it felt harder. The hurting occurs only on a 3/8” square on the last part of the vein right before it goes in the body. (3/8” is the size of the vein)

Can a thrombosed vein be that small? All the others i have heard of were like 1” long. I put vitamin e on it for tissue help, am taking aspirin, and massaging it with heat. The next morning it seen to go away. I can still feel a little hardness but just to make sure i have been laying off the routine since then. Tonight i am going to see if it hurts and judge its condition from there.

Just for sake

been Pe’ing 1 3/4 months

6.25 nbp
5 eg

6.75 nbp
7.2 bp
5 eg

I dont know why but not a lot happened in the first month so i bought the PJ device and it gave like insane pressure and it seems this second month is where i am making my gains.

thrombose from PJ??

Sounds a little similar to my situation. I got a bump on my shaft that turned out to be a thrombosed vein - it started about 12 days after using the PJ (I made the mistake of PJing directly after pumping which was NOT a good idea!). I really think the PJ is a fabulous device and also

very powerful, but a tad dangerous because of its power. Anyway, I’ve had to stop all jelqing until this damm thing heals. Not sure how long it’ll take.

Be careful, and Best of luck!



I to have got a problem with a vein, it’s on the right side of my shaft and it’s only hard for about 3/4 of an inch then it disappears into the shaft , I’ve noticed my veins have gotten bigger but this one some times is a little sensitive when jelqing but it hasen’t stopped me from pumping and jelqing, also the vein got like this after a power jelqing session, my first one if I remember correctly.


reply to new2hanging

Are you using PJ or just hand jelquing? Is the bump (or vein) staying the same or is it improving?


It has improved with some time off and a little help from aspirin, tho it was my first time PJing ( just with my hand not with the PJ device ) I haven’t tried to PJ anymore and just do normal Jelqing.


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