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Penis lump

Penis lump

Hey guys, from I would say 2 days I noticed this kind of lump on my left side of my shaft near the glans, I’m almost completely recovered from a pretty huge overtrain and I kinda think this is what have caused this but would really appreciate any help from the veterans about this one.

It’s kinda soft-ish, definetly not too hard by touching it and completely disappear when I have a full erection, doesn’t affect my EQ as well and at first I was a bit worried it could be a beginning of a plaque but I don’t see any curve developing in my penis so far at the moment. It’s also kinda of sore only when im flaccid, almost nothing when erect.

Problem is this kinda of small soreness during the day when my tool is flaccid, not the whole day but sometimes it’s a bit annoying. I think it’s a lymph vessel or a thrombosed vein (I remember applying a bit too much pressure in my last session) or what else could be? Thanks guys

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Same Problem Here

I got exactly the same problem.. Anyone can respond? Thanks!

And I make three with same symptom in the same place. Unfortunately, I have two lumps, one next to the other, and if I press on them, the ache lasts for a couple of hours and radiates down the entire left side from glans to base.

Until last week, I had been experimenting with both pumping and jelqing, so I can’t determine the origin of the injury. However, I’ve stopped doing either,

I finally phoned a nurse friend who said it sounded like a broken blood vessel. The recommendation was an ice bag, rest and underwear with support. After only a couple of days, it seems a little better, but the lumps are still there.

Anyone with other theories?

Thanks in advance.

Clogged lymph vessel maybe.

Originally Posted by ChuckaChicken
Clogged lymph vessel maybe.

Yeah I agree, could be also a small thrombosed vein.

Aniway I solved the problem for now by taking few Bromeline medicines during the day.

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Accro, how are your penis now?

I’m still got my lump, a little bit small but there it is.. You’re using Bromeline, its good?

Thanks dude.

Hey Rafael I’m good man thanks, my lump is pretty much gone I think, few days left probably, I’m taking jelqing gently aniway at the moment to help it heal.

Bromeline is just great.

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