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Penis injury and split streaming and some other big problems

Perhaps inflammation or infection in the prostate or bladder even the meatus (pee tube, pee hole).

Do you drink a lot of fluids?
How many times per day do you urinate?
Cold hard flaccid penis would indicate an injury to the penis.

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I do not drink lots of fluids.

7-8 times maybe when I am at home. I tend to go urinate a lot at night because I have ocd. During the morning and day I say a total of 4 times.

Yes I have a cold hard flaccid penis. Is there any way to tell the urologist besides telling him my story? Should I describe it as cold hard flaccid penis?

Okay I went to the urologist today. He checked out my penis and I told him the whole story of mine. He tells me that I do have varicose veins and said 20 percent of men have it. I asked if this could have been b/c of the accident and he said no.

I told him that I have pain in my penis when I touch the bottom left and I will see him next Friday again b/c he will conduct some tests on me. Something like a sonogram ? He tells me he is worried that I told him my urine drips a lot and will conduct some tests. He did say most likely it is psychological and asked me if I had tried to have sex this whole time and I told him no. He asks so I had Erectile Dysfunction and said you don’t know if you have it or not UNLESS you go and have sex with a girl and you have a problem.

I did ask him do I have to do surgery since s1 here mentions that I had surgery on it.


What is “b/c” and “s1” - leave that stuff for your mobile phone, not here.

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Oops I did not see that lil12.

Well it turns out I have varicocele. I told him the side affects which is testicle shrinkage which I have.. He tells me there is nothing we can do about it because it is too late since the accident occurred back in February 2005. Anyone have this varicocele? I thought surgery was possible but he says it’s just too late for anything anymore.

It is never too late for this problem. Don’t listen to himmm.

Thanks chrono. Has anyone else here been denied surgery to correct varicocele because it was too late? The thing is I am not even sure I had this back in 2005 when I injured my penis because many urologists who checked me did not mention it. So if I did not get it from my accident, maybe I got it in 2006? I mean what kind of doctor says it’s too late. I turn 23 very soon. Is 23 not young to them? He said if you were still in your adolescence stage, it would be no problem.

I also want to talk about my split stream. When I pee, I have a split stream. When I pee, you see the urine coming out from 2 holes and the the other hole is right under the normal hole where I normally pee. The pee crosses each other but comes together but you can clearly see it is a split stream A doctor online in these message boards mentions that this is because there is some sort of blockage in your urethra. Does anyone know if this can be fixed surgically so my penis will urinate in one stream and not 2 streams?

Does anyone know if it is possible to fix penile fracture if it’s too late? Back in 2005 when I injured my penis I checked that I most likely had penile fracture because I had those symptoms.. Hearing a weird sound and that it was bruised. I did not went to the doctor immediately. I went in 1 week after the accident hoping it would get back to normal and the doctor saw NOTHING wrong. I see that they say you lose immediate erection and this is the same thing that happened to me. I could not get erect for 6.5 months because of this accident and the urologists saw nothing wrong.

It’s 2009 already and I still have pain when I touch the bottom left of my penis. Is there any way possible I can still have surgery? It isn’t my fault though because I did went to the doctors when it happened and the last 3-4 years I gaved up going to the urologist anymore.

Can a doctor do a test like ultrasound of the penis to see if I have a penile fracture right now? I am 100 percent positive this is the reason why my penis could not get erect back then and how right now I cannot get erect most of the time.

Doctors here have a lot to work and have little time. Just tell them you won’t leave until they check you out properly. You have to fight for the attention, I know this sounds stupid but doctors think they know things better, even if it is your penis. Just visit other (recommended) doctors. There are good and there are bad ones, don’t give up dude.

Okay I got my results back. It is the testicular doppler ultrasound.

It has this

History: Varicocele, decreased flow.

Technique; Imaging of the scrotum was performed using a linear transducer.

Findings: The right testicle is normal and homogeneous measuring 3.3 X 1.9 X 2.2 cm. There is normal color and arterial waveform within the right testicle. The right epididymis is unremarkable measuring 0.5cm at the head.

The left testicle is normal and homogeneous measuring 3.3 X 1.7 X 2.3 cm. There is normal color and arterial waveform within the left testicle. The left epididymis is unremarkable measuring 0.7 cm at the head.

The left peritesticular veins show moderate increase in caliber and augmented color flow with Valsalva indicating a varicocele. Within the right peritesticular veins, there is color flow detected without and with Valsalva but no significant change in caliber.

Impression: Left greater than right varicocele.

He said even if you do surgery, there is 60 percent chance it would get better. But he tells me I should wait until I want to get a kid and I am young since I am only 22. The thing is most likely I will have to do it anyways. And yes he confirmed I have a varicocele grade 3.

I asked him about the blood tests to test circulation and he said he cannot do those tests and I will have to see another urologist for that because he does not have the tools for those things. Does anyone know if this varicocele has any relationship to my erectile dysfunction problems?

What should I do now? I have this varicocele that I must get surgery and my penis has problems as well because I have E.D and definitely I have poor blood circulation in my penis as a result of the accident I had back in 2005 where no urologists gave me any solution.

Should I just get surgery for this varicocele first and then worry about my penis? I am more worried about my penis since I have erection problems since 2005 and I know right now I have to have little blood circulation on my penis.
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Okay this is so upsetting. I went to the urologist thinking I was going to have an injection into my penis as one of the test. Instead all he did today was a specialized test on sensation of the penis. It was like he put a thing on my finger and got some 5.5 as sensation. Then he used the same thing and touched my penis with it and I would tell him if my penis felt any sensation. He did this 4 times and each time the numbers were something like 5.0, 5.0, 6.0 and 6.5. He told me the sensation in my penis was normal according to this test.

He scheduled an appointment to see him next week for the ultrasound. At first he called it a something test. It starts with a P and it’s a long word and I asked him this is the ultrasound and he said yes. He said this is for the blood flow which I ask him is this the most important test and he said yes. He also said after this next test, my next appointment might be the injection into penis to get into an erection.

I am very upset at these urologists. Why can’t they do all these tests in 1 day. The test that was done to me was done in less than 2 minutes! Urologists these days only care about money and it’s frustrating.

Did you have any cysts in your urethra?


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