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Penis injury and split streaming and some other big problems


How would I know this bryan? Some specialized test?

By the way, i also noticed but forgot to mention that i think i might have peyronies disease. When i saw the urologist back in 2005 they gave me vitamin e because they said i had it. However, 3 months later they said they made a mistake. My penis does bend towards me though and i do notice a lump on the bottom of my penis when it gets erect.

The urologist who saw me said i dont have peyronies but is it possible that peyronies disease can only be seen while the penis is erect?

Okay i went to urologist today and he did a doppler ultrasound on my penis. He injected some needle into my penis and it did hurt. I did get an erection and it lasted for maybe 25 minutes or so. He then tested my blood flow and told me that my blood flow is good. He asked me if i can get this kind of erection at home and i told him no and not even close.

So i ask him what do i do now and he says i can take levitra. By the way, i took it few days ago to masturbate and yes it does get my penis erect but the erection i had today with the injection for the doppler ultrasound was VERY strong. He tells me to see him in a month and i told him i prefer earlier and he said 2 weeks. I asked him about the varicocele and how it bothers me and he saids there is surgery but he said we can talk about that in 2 weeks.

I asked him is there any more tests and he said there is one more but doubt he is giogn to do it. I think its the one where it measures my erections when i am sleeping. I really think he isnt going to do any more tests on me and tell me to take levitra for the rest of my life because the tests he has done… urine test, blood test, sensitivity test of penis and doppler ultrasound all showed normal results.

Does anyone know what i can do ? I mean this guy did the doppler ultrasound and sees that i have good bloodflow in my penis when it was erect and WOW my penis was erect. I did not even need to squeeze my legs into my testicles and i could keep my erection for some time. I know there is damage to my penis because i can never get any erection like this on my own.

Libido that’s your problem take dopamine agonists you’ll get boners like you won’t believe

Okay i went to urologist today and he did ultrascan of testicles. I told him i did it already but he went and did it again. He also gave me the machine to test my erections for 3 days when I am sleeping. I asked him for test results janz and here they are

Total Protein 7.4
Albumin 4.9
globulin 2.5
A/G Ratio 2.0
Glucose 82
Sodium 143
Potassium 4.3
Chloride 104
CO2 29
BUN 11
Creatinine 1.0
e-GFR 93
BUN/Creat Ratio 11
Calcium 9.3
Uric Acid 4.9
Iron 123
Bilirubin, Total 0.6
LDH 132
Alk Phos 52
Phosphorous 2.9
G-GTP 14

Cholesterol 139
Triglycerides 49

Culture, Urine SEE BELOW

TSH 0.989
Thyroxine 8.2
T3 Uptake 35.9
Thyroxine, Free (FT4) 1.24
Free T4 Index 2.9
T3 (Thyronine), Total 92
Testosterone, Total. 412
Testosterone, Free, SE 10.3
LH 6.3
FSH 3.6
Prolactin, Serum 24.0

They also show the reference range but i did not put it down. Do you need me to put it down? I am assuming you know what they are? I wrote every single thing that is on my report except the reference range.

Can you give me insight? Also, the ultrascan of testicles today with him did confirm varicocele again. He said to come back to him in 2 weeks and we will DISCUSS EVERYTHING.

By the way, i just checked on google normal testosterone and I see that 412 is the average testosterone for a male ages 85-90 and the normal testosterone for someone my age 23 is 750! i am 23, 5’8 and around 150lbs.

Taking ZMA nightly before bed can naturally raise your testosterone. There’s also a ton of other types of test boosters out there. I had mine tested when I was on no supplements; it was 525. After a month of ZMA and a test booster, I was 953.

I am so fking pissed off right now. Today when i went i had to pee in this thing in the restroom to test urine. I did this about 2 times already. This was the 5th time i saw him and he did a bladder test on me. He told me last time that we were suppose to discuss everything. My last week was 2 weeks ago and i thought today i would know all the answers.

I told him that i might have a weak sympathetic nerve and he said it COULD be possible but it could be one of a hundred things. I told him people online on a forum that knows these things tells me thats why i have to strangle my penis to keep it up which is why i have the weak sympathetic nerve.

He then tells me he will do another test. Its an MRI of the brain for the pitituary gland. Can someone tell me WTF is he doing? Whats the point of these tests? I tell him that my testerone is too low and my prolotin is way too high and he says my testeterone is lower than normal but WITHIN RANGE. I told him someone my age 23 is suppose to be around 800 and he tells me range is 280-850 and that depends on the time of day. Well, 412 is damn low and i am pretty sure if he test it again, it will be around that number.

For the test i did last time with me sleeping and the machine that tested my erections at night, the noctural test, he says that it shows that i did have erections at night HOWEVER, they were not 100 percent erections and mentions to me that there is something PHYSICALLY wrong.

Now, he wants to schedule me an appointment to some hospital to do an MRI to see if my insurance covers it and they were suppose to have someone call me today but they didn’t. I am so fking pissed off right now. I saw him back in Mid July my first time and its already near the middle of september by the time i see him again. The next time i see him i will tell him i cannot waste anymore time because this is really pathetic. I am depressed right now because of this problem and nothing is getting taken care of. Not 1 damn thing.

You need to try and calm down. Stressing will only make things worse.

The next time i see him i will tell him i cannot waste anymore time because this is really pathetic

So what’s your solution? :-k

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

Someone tells me i should have asked him to check my bloodflow while in my penis is in flaccid state. Anyone here can guess if that might be the ultimate reason?

Please help

Hi westell1, I have a similar problem like you stated here.

During masturbation, I have accidently squeezed the penis very strongly with my finger nails. At that instant, I had a shooting pain in penis.
Before the accident, my penis was broad, large and aroused. After the strong squeeze, the erection started to disappear and my penis became very soft
In a few seconds, after the accident. Immediately, I tried to retain my erection through masturbation and was shocked to see that my penis was made very flexible that it even turns
Bends freely, towards me without any rigidity. It was fully flexible like a rubber.

After that, I cannot masturbate because, my penis has become very flexible that I cannot hold it firmly in my hand. It started shaking freely in all
Directions like a pendulum suspended freely in a thread. After that, my morning erections was not appeared. I was shocked once again.
From that time, my pee stream splitted into two. Also, it was not strong as before. When I try to pee in toilet, it was flowing as two streams, in different directions,
And I had to give more pressure sometimes to pee freely. Before the incident, everything was normal.

I do get erections after a few days, but the erection was too rigid and painful that I cannot even move my penis anywhere due to extreme rigidity and pain.
And, it seems to me that my penis width has been decreased and it appears narrow instead of broad, which is my actual penis appearance.

Also, my sex moods has been reduced much. I was worried and consulted a urologist. He said I was alright and gave me some tablets for 45 days and asked me
Not to masturbate for 45 days. Also, sometimes, my pee has a foul smell. Can you please suggest a way to get fixed ?

This incident happened in december 2009. At that time, I was 21. Now, I am 25. Please help me. I am much disappointed and worried.

Thanks in anticipation.


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