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Penis injury and split streaming and some other big problems

There was never blood at all. Yes I felt some pain at the time. It was mostly at the bottom end of the head of my penis. It lasted for maybe 6-7 months or so? I don’t think it was ever painful to urinate. It just felt like not normal when I urinated because something does not feel right even till today. Yes I still live with my parents.

Right now even when I touch the bottom end of my penis head, it feels strange.. Like I caused another opening there but you say it is not 2 holes and it is something else which does make sense.

Yes I am 100 percent positive the accident was the culprit. The moment I injured it and went to take a path, I saw that my penis shrunk and it looked like that for 6.5 months. Normally I am about 2 inches flaccid but after that accident, it was around 1 inch only. Erection is close to the same but a bit smaller now and again it is very hard for me to get and maintain an erection if I don’t sit on my chair and squeeze my legs onto my penis because that is the only way for me to get and STAY hard.

Do you know if there is any type of surgery that would correct split streaming.. As not having any more pee come from 2 holes even though they are not two holes? Any surgery that would allow me to able to get an erection and maintain one while sitting without squeezing my legs towards my penis b/c there is no other possible way for me to get hard? A surgery that will make my weak urine stream go away?

I have all of these problems since the accident.

Hmmm ….. off to the doctor and don’t delay! That’s the only way you’ll get to the bottom of this. You shouldn’t have to put up with it - get it diagnosed properly and treated - your penis will thank you! :)

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Originally Posted by westell1
When he opened the main door, I was frightened and definitely pulled something because I was scared if he would come into my door and see my masturbating.

Okay, we’re getting closer… Pulled what? What did you do physically when you were frightened?

I pulled my penis too hard ? Imagine you are masturbating and you suddenly hear a sound that someone is opening your door? I think I pulled it too hard because I was frightened because I thought my dad was going to come in?

Do you think it is possible to fix this kind of problem after 4 years and 4 months? Again, I went back then and they told me I had no problems even though I listed all the problems. I will be going to doctor this Friday and hope to get referrer to see urologist real soon because I am busy with finals this week. Almost done with college.

Westell yeah I can feel your problem. Go and just tell the doctor that you DO HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM and you need REAL help. Don’t let them tell you if you have a problem or not, you are the owner and user of your dick and you can surely tell that something is just not right!

I did that last time cayance but none of them believed me. I mean I feel something is not right. I cannot masturbate or get hard while standing up. And it is very tough for me to stay hard. Will be going to doctor soon and hope to see urologist.

Anyone have this kind of problem?

I don’t think that the problem was caused by your accident. Have you explored the possibility of being psychological? Have you tried having sex with someone just to see if a different source of arousal has a different effect?

I think you’re fine and the problem is that you’re pretty damn sure the accident broke something and your brain is messing with your penis.

I am 100 percent it is not psychological. Right after I injured it, I could not masturbate and ejaculate for 6 and a half months. My penis while flaccid SHRUNK. It looked like how it would look if your penis is very cold.

A lot of people say that brain is the most powerful sex organ; some others say that brain is the most powerful organ. If you are 100% sure that the problem is physical and not mental an urologist is your best bet.
I’ve heard that even paralytic men have erections and ejaculations. Your problem can be anything and I haven’t had a real physical problem with my penis.

Good luck and I’m sure you’ll be fine.

I just went to my doctor again and he referred me to a urologist but I seen this urologist before back in 2005.

I told my regular doctor my problems since the accident

Split streaming- When urinate I notice that there are 2 streams of urine shooting out. It looks like I broke something in the bottom of my penis which is why I think this occurs
No more Morning Wood
Hard to Get and Maintain an Erection
Can only get hard when I squeeze my legs within my penis. That is the ONLY way I can get hard and stay hard and ejaculate
My ejaculation is very weak
When I urinate, the urine is very weak, it’s never strong like it was before the accident
The bottom left of my penis hurts when I touch it. It’s been like this since 2005 and the doctors and urologists said I have no problem
And I told him that after that accident in Feb 2005, that I could not masturbate or get hard NOR ejaculate for 6 and a half months.

Guys, do you know if a urologist can do some x ray or scan on the penis? Last time the urologist looked at it and said it looked fine but I am 100 percent sure something is broken. It could be nerves, urethra or anything like that.. I am positive because the moment this accident happened, everything felt different.

I heard there was something about a telescope that is put inside the penis? I don’t care what they do but is there a way for them to really check the structure of the penis to see if there is actual damage on it?

A few things that has bugged me is not all doctors know what they are talking about. About 3 months ago, I went to my doctor and told him I had tonsil stones and felt something was stuck in my throat and doctor said I did NOT have that. I later learned that I did have it after looking in forums online and the pictures and sure enough my doctor was wrong. Then I went to another doctor because I had a pilonidal cyst that is still being treated at the moment. I told him I felt a burning sensation in my butt after I have a bowel movement and my surgeon did not say nothing. A month later when I went to him a 3rd time for him to check my pilonidal cyst drainage, he tells me when he looks at my butt hole that I have anal fissure which makes sense since he ask did I have pain here and there and I told him yes. So these two times when I knew something was wrong, the doctor didn’t even notice it! How can a doctor not know what is tonsil stones when I told him it is? That is why I know this situation is the same thing. I have all these problems with my penis and they told me back in 2005 I have NO problems at all even though they say I had urinary tract infection and then told me everything was good when I KNOW it was not.

My life has been on a halt because of this. I probably get to see my urologist later this week since tomorrow is memorial day and need to make my appointment Tuesdays when offices are opened.

Man, I know this is a rant but how does this planet produce so many stupid doctors, damn!

1: Is it painfull to urinate?
2: Is it painful to ejaculate?
3: Is your flaccid stiff hard and cold?
4: Does your urine have a foul smell?

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

A little pain when urinating

Not painful to ejaculate

What do you mean by hard and cold?

Yes my urine has a bad smell.

I had a urine test today and according to my regular doctor they said it was fine. Any questions I will answer in great detail

Originally Posted by kingpole
Man, I know this is a rant but how does this planet produce so many stupid doctors, damn!

1: Is it painfull to urinate?
2: Is it painful to ejaculate?
3: Is your flaccid stiff hard and cold?
4: Does your urine have a foul smell?

What would a positive response to these questions indicate kingpole?

What do those questions mean?


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