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PE gave me irreversible ED

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Originally Posted by carlos_labrada
Hello Deppruple,
I hope you read the post by jonny127 because the post can be useful
I’m sorry about what’s happening with your health, your problem is curable but, just find a vascular doctor in your town, surgery is difficult and meticulous but who does, usually has good results, returning to normal erections.
I found the Internet a physician who has expertise in treatment of TMD his name is Dr. Alfredo Romero he works in Brazil he is an expert on this subject see:
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Seek medical vascular, working in conjunction with a urologist, you already took the exam doopler is now only detect the region of venous leakage and make the appropriate treatment for you.

Hope this helps.

I learned that this doctor is not correct, despite all their propaganda.

I'm from Brazil , now I have practiced only jelq + stretching + ADS (12h per day, when I can)

I'm interested in knowing more about Chemical Penis Enlargement.

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Man this stuff is a bit scary, and lends credit to how little we know about one of the most protruding objects on our bodies. At times it seems like it can do anything and at times nothing. So yes I agree that there is a psychological aspect in most of these injuries continuing (just as there is with almost any other medical issue) but at the same time we have to reflect that every snowflake is different. In this sense, I am not a medical doctor or anything, but every penis may have its peaks in allowed pressure. Even if it is just normal jelqing or minimal maybe that is too much. All in all it has made me conclude to proceed much more cautiously with PE, but hey thats just me. I do notice gains and it is definitely getting more vascular but at the first signs of issues, especially with erections, I will stop. So just keep an eye out and move slowly and happy health.

Hello to everybody. Am new here. Reading this made me scare and having second thoughts of continuing with the andropenis(never jelqed and never will).Deeppurple how is with you nowdays? Is it better? Did your body renewed a bit by itself or have you had a surgery and how are you now?

I deeply hope you are good now and things are better to you. Hope God helped you with your problems as they are the toughest once in every men life. Please post how are you these days as it would make me great comfort to get a feed back of your life especially if you were healed.

I wonder if this is the reason why some people, like myself, can not gain no matter what they try. This is pretty scary honestly.

Hey guys, anyone know something about Deep? I’m not sure if I can do PE because I think a got venous leak cause I lose my erections very quickly if I don’t stimulate my Little friend. I’ll go visit a urologist next week to get a doppler and see if I have venous leak or something else.

Scientifically speaking, this makes complete sense and has scared the cr@p out of me. I’ve been doing PE for 3 months and this has me a bit concerned.

The reason that I can attest to this making scientific sense is because I have some experience with valve damage. I had a blood clot in my arm 3 years ago, and my arm swelled up to about twice its size. When the clot finally broke I had some valve damage due to the intense pressure placed on the valve when the blood pooled and couldn’t release. This is probably very similar to the pressure placed on the valve while jelqing. Now my arm no longer can maintain pressure and the blood just leaks out and pools in my forearm, and it always puffy. There’s nothing they can do for this. Applying the analog to the jelqing case makes total sense. I’m going to continue but with caution.

Hey Danzilla thanks for sharing this info, it sheds some light on what might be wrong for some people with long term injuries from PE. For your condition, did the doctors diagnose it based just on your symptoms, or did they also do any tests/scans to check the valves in the vein in your arm? Also, is there anything that you do now to help with it when it flares up, or do you basically kind of just let it be? I think finding out a little more about this might help provide insight into some PE injuries.

People anyone can help me? Iā€™m new in the forum
Three yers ago I did jelqs and after a few weeks I noticed my penis showed two very big veins in the lateral and blue spiders veins, and my superficial dorsal vein was affected too.
Then I noticed my erections were worse, I havent spontaneus erections anymore, and my erections only last 15 seconds without stimulation. My glans was always empty..

Then three years later I m same, and it seems venous leak

I wanna ask you guys is possible what my erections and my glan are affected for those laterals veins and the spiders veins and my superficial dorsal vein?

I read three cases which are similars to mine searching in this forum, they were Yataghan50, QCQ, and Drpepper.
Anyone know if they continue through this forum? I would like to get in touch with them
Does anyone know which vein was the one operated by these guys? The superficial dorsal vein or the deep dorsal vein?

A lot of thanks


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