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PE gave me irreversible ED

Hey rempek87, let me tell you something, I casually read this post after doing my first session of soft clamping and I was scared as shit because I haven’t done clamping and maybe that could cause a venous leak, etc,. I tried masturbating and coudn’t… the dick wasn’t getting hard enough so all day I was really scared and sad, then the next day morning I wake up with a morning wood. What I’m saying is, WHEN YOU ARE SCARED YOU CAN’T GET AN ERECTION EASILY, happened to me 2 times already. In my case all was in my mind. So you just have to wait until you are really horny and you will see really strong erections.

Mi cuerpo sera pequeno, pero mi mente es infinitamente grande.

Thanks for the responds guys, I hope you right, I hope it’s only my mind, so I’m gonna wait couple of days and see what is happening. Because I know that would kill me, I know it’s sound stupid but it would. I had a morning wood today, but not really strong, but right now I can’t do anything with my dick, but I believe I’m just nervous. Thank You again for some interest

Stress, anxiety and other factors can cause erectile dysfunction. I know that is the usual answer for these kind of situations, but it is for a good reason rempek87. You just need to relax and let your worries go.

I’ll try, thanks.

Originally Posted by rempek87

I’ll try, thanks.

I think it’s not good, still no erections and I will try to go to doctor tomorrow if they are open Saturdays. Hope for some prays from you guys(not joke).

My life was pretty hard till now and when I finally start go on the straight, that thing. If I’m gonna be fine I will not go back to PE, hope everybody who want to start this gonna read my post first.

Hey rempek, my question is, if you masturbate with porn can you get an erection like you said earlier? Because if you can get an erection, even if it dissapears quickly I think is a mental thing. I would recommend this: watch porn before going to sleep and get horny, concentrate on how hot the girl is, tits, ass, etc, do not concentrate on the penis. Then go to sleep. You will probably have a wet dream and a full erection, that happened to me and when I woke up with the dick really hard I was the happiest man in the planet.

Mi cuerpo sera pequeno, pero mi mente es infinitamente grande.

Once again thanks for the interest, cause I can’t talk about this with anybody. Right now I even can’t get hard when I watch the porn(just I bit but not even close to strong), but I still believe it’s my mind, cause 2 days ago I was able to do this (maybe not a 100% but still pretty hard) and I’m nervous as shit, also when I was watching I was not horny, same like I would eat a dinner with family. I believe it’s gonna be fine, I’ll try to do what you said, I’m gonna go to see the doctor(I’ll tell him everything and I don’t care what he gonna said, I just care about my small guy).

I’ll inform you guys you want it or not:)

This thread has scared the shit out of me, will never try any of this, happy with my 16-17cm x 14-15cm for life! At least it does get up all right!

Hi deep, how’s going the situation? It has been a very long time that you don’t write anymore on this forum, so I hope -like we say here- that “you’ve done much money” and that you fixed your problem. I’ve read the whole debate, and I must say that your story is really touching. I hope the best for you. I can see a good intelligent person, with a good family behind him. Whatever will happen you don’t have to be negative nor lose your hope. I study medicine and I can tell you that the same doctors today haven’t a fully perfect knowledge about venous system that drain the penis. “Penis science” if we consider the elaborate micro-circulation of the penis and all those outnumbered causes more or less psychological who can influence an ED diagnosis, is not an exact science. Some diagnosis can also be “mixed”. A discouragement state for example can lower down libido making more difficult to notice possible improvements in a verified venous leakage state like yours. Behind a faster blood outflow seen with rigiscan there can be more than one cause, non only an irreversible tissutal and vessels damage: even people with verified psychosomatic ED can register a bigger outflow.

I don’t doubt that you problem is physical and caused by a PE injury, but consider that I’ve read about people, on this website too - that in months or even years - registered great improvements from venous leakage. Never stop to believe, and since I’ve read your interest to make a penile implant surgery, which is a too much drastic remedy at your age, wouldn’t be better that you could try everything, also those who many traditionalist doctors, very little opened to innovations, advice against? Looking around the web I’ve seen many persons who had similar problems with PE but curiously many recovered their condition in part or fully in months or years.just by continuing or intensifing PE! Also there are people who had the venous surgery which, looking at statistics is non resolutive in the long range, for a 60% of the patients or more: many of them claim that after a year or less of natural erections, the removed vessels regenerate and situation returns exactly as it was.. But wouldn’t be better to try and have, in the worst case a year of normality, before to make a definitive penile implant? I also read about one of the first ED care centers in the world: it’s in china, where they did trials of a new kind of “vein stripping surgery” above several patients.. 5-6 years of follow up after surgery reported extraordinary results: around 80-90% of patiences fully recovered their physiological features.. And just to tell you another alternative, in Germany there’s a center who cures severe ED with gene therapy, in other words they inject a viral carrier with a specific gene sequence which automatically inserts itself in the DNA of the vessels endothelial cells forcing them to contract: results are great and perfectly documented. There should be also a staminal cells therapy, always in Germany, just search on the web.. Some links about what I say, despite I didn’t find the mains:


However, what we must really clear is how did you get this injury.. I read that you did 5 days of PE on and 1 off.. It’s really hard for a newbie!! I just hope you didn’t read it from any moderator here :|
Moreover, what kind of warm up did you do? How many times in a session? If we consider the leaking vein as a normal varicose vein (and right, it is), we must consider that an extreme heat could have given a big input in the genesis of the injury, just as it happens for the varicose veins in the leg. For those who are predisposed for genetics or sedentary life, doctors even advice against a hot bath.
Another thing I’d like to know: how did you discover to have this problem? Suddenly, without any notice? Or did you felt some strange sensations, dumbness or similar things during last sessions? And, this is really important: did you have sexual intercourses or masturbation between your sessions of PE? Everything always normal? Seems that testosterone production can fix little circulation problems in the area. It’s just to know something more about your aetiology.

Deep I wish you the best, for everything. I’m sure you will smile again, very soon. Keep on trusting. Best regards from Italy.

A little add: I’ve read that you have had a little premature ejaculation problem in the past and that you former urologist gave you an antidepressive. Surely other person judged this urologist but I think It also could have given to you a placebo saying it was a medicine.. You say you could have 3 orgasms in 2 hours, but were you before this fact an anxious subject? Be honest with yourself. I tell you this because anxiety, as I told before surely won’t be the cause of your specific problem but can easily complicate it. Or make it worse hiding an eventual improvement. Head can do the most, many times. Can fastly heal an injury or make it worse if the subject is nervous or very much anxious. Dermatitis and Psoriasis for example are very often psycology-complicated illness.. Many things, also relaxing or contracting blood vessels comes from the nerves first of all, which lead to the central nervous system. I also see that you were in vacation and also write on this site.. Man, you should really make a real vacation, drink a lot (I see you don’t do it) with you friends and stop thinking about the problem, stop thinking about this forum. Stop thinking. Far from the stress, far from being afraid we can really do an anatomic diagnosis. What if you’re unconscious, for a moment you forget your story and you’re also near a girl who you like. Who can say it. Going to a psycologist is a good thing you can do, improving your character and the problems of anxiety you already had before this fact can only make you better and improve your condition. Then we can talk. Everithing got wrong? Than read my other post.

Deep, I’m sure you will be great. Best wishes again!

Your problem can be cured, do not give up

Hello Deppruple,
I hope you read the post by jonny127 because the post can be useful
I’m sorry about what’s happening with your health, your problem is curable but, just find a vascular doctor in your town, surgery is difficult and meticulous but who does, usually has good results, returning to normal erections.
I found the Internet a physician who has expertise in treatment of TMD his name is Dr. Alfredo Romero he works in Brazil he is an expert on this subject see:
Clinical Specialist in Angiology and Vascular Surgery and the Treatment of
Male Sexual Dysfunction; post graduate in Human Sexuality, with more than 15 years dedicated to the treatment of sexual dysfunction - the Office
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Vascular, gynecologists, psychologists, neurologists and cardiologists.

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Seek medical vascular, working in conjunction with a urologist, you already took the exam doopler is now only detect the region of venous leakage and make the appropriate treatment for you.

Hope this helps.

I'm from Brazil , now I have practiced only jelq + stretching + ADS (12h per day, when I can)

I'm interested in knowing more about Chemical Penis Enlargement.

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Originally Posted by Big Girtha
You say you’ve seen three urologists. Other than Dr. Bechara, what were the other two doctor’s names?

I would get many opinions before considering implant surgery. It sounds a little premature to me for any urologists to advise an implant on a 21 year-old patient with venous leakage unless the damage was massive completely inoperable, and all other options had been exhausted. Once they remove the cavernosum there is no going back. Which implant procedure did Bechara suggest?

Yes.. Try several opinions because I know of a guy who was told it was required to cut out his leg because it wouldn’t work anymore. Started crying and asked his wife to take him some other hospital and they fixed it.
Today he’s walking.


Hi, I’ve been in thunders from more than a couple of months doubting whether doing the PE or not, and now I found this comment about this guy’s injuries. My question is: Is there a sign which allows me to know if my limb is going to last out the PE? How could I know that I’m not going to get a venous leak or a derivative? Because this guy said he did everything alright and he got an irreversible injury, and unlike him I couldn’t afford in any way, any medical treatments to get over it.

Thanks for your attention.

Fred, the best advice I can give you is that less is more and at the firs sign of trouble, stop and let it rest for a good long time. I think it is safe to say that a functioning dick at any size is better than a non functioning one.

You shouldn’t be in a hurry, and do all exercises with the minimum force required to still get a result.

Years back, I got a hard lymph vessel on the top of my shaft from experimenting with hand clamping, and it has me paranoid to this day. I actually haven’t PEd on a regular basis in a long time because once I start for a few days, I will do one jelq too many, and the hard lymph vessel resurfaces. It goes away after massaging it, but it scares me every time. Luckily my girlfriend has cured any size insecurity I had, so I don’t see it as a big loss.

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Originally Posted by fred2rst
Hi, I’ve been in thunders from more than a couple of months doubting whether doing the PE or not, and now I found this comment about this guy’s injuries. My question is: Is there a sign which allows me to know if my limb is going to last out the PE? How could I know that I’m not going to get a venous leak or a derivative? Because this guy said he did everything alright and he got an irreversible injury, and unlike him I couldn’t afford in any way, any medical treatments to get over it.
Thanks for your attention.

The trouble is you can’t ever really know. This is why the advice is to

(i) take stock physically before you start.

(ii) learn to look for changes, both positive and negative indicators. It may take more time to learn these things but far more beneficial in the long run. If you can read your body, then you can know when things are good and bad.

(iii) go slow; learn how your body responds and reacts as this will be different from others. Some guys seem to have a great endurance with PE and may get great results tying their penis to a bowling ball and throwing it off the side of the building. Other guys, like me, so much as go a micrometre beyond what the penis can endure and that’s it, injury and recovery time.

(iv) know when to end a session - I tend to finish up when everything seems really great and really in a groove. Right at that point my penis starts feeling a bit of fatigue, I’m done. I could push it more but that has always ended in injury or over-training.

The short version is to just go as slow as possible and know that like exercising with a latent heart condition, normally you just won’t know until something does happen.

That said, PE is a risk. Every sort of training is. If you do decide to undertake it, be sensible, go slow and STOP at the first sign of trouble.

Cum vinum intrat, exit sapientia


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