PE causes pain in the lower abdomen or bladder region? Muscle strain?

Hi, I have a symptom which might not be related to PE. Sometimes I feel a slight but sharp pain in my lower abdomen/bladder area, about an inch below my belly button. It can be when I get up to stretch and pee after 3-4 hours of sitting down. Sometimes when I stretch I do a slight stomach vacuum, just to stretch those muscles too.
Specifically, yesterday, I got up and felt the slight but sudden pain, and then as I walked to the bathroom I did the stomach vacuum for a second while stretching and felt it again. When I was also pushing pee out at a normal force I also felt it, but it went away after about 5 minutes. But it’s not burning during urination, it’s a slight pain in the bladder area. During those 5 minutes I felt slight pangs of pain in that region about 4-5 times. So it seems like using the muscles in that area makes it a bit worse.

I am not sure if it is related to my abdominal muscles, or my bladder/urethra or something else. It may be that my abdominal muscles are tight from sitting down so when I get up and stretch them it causes pain.

What may have caused it is I did some stretching 3 days ago, before I felt the lower abdomen pain, but the stretching caused no pain or discomfort. Is it possible for stretching to pull on the urethra in such a way to cause internal damage/pain, like where the urethra attaches to the bladder? That is what I am worried about. I stretched at a normal force, so would the fact that I felt no discomfort afterwards mean that stretching did not cause the harm?

And I don’t see how I would have a UTI, I have no pain elsewhere and it feels like a muscle pain, either bladder muscle or abdominal muscle. Thanks.