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sometimes pain while peeing since pe started...

sometimes pain while peeing since pe started...


i started pe-ing a month ago. just the newbie routine. after some days i realized a pain, not very strong, while peeing. instantly i stopped pe to see if it helps. after one week there was no pain anymore.

then i read the forum if i had done something wrong with the exercise. but i guess i i started pe again, doing it more carefully, squeezing not that hard, but i have again the pain. i have to say that i feel no pain during or after pe.

could it be that especially while stretching if u grip ur head of the penis i damage something in it ?

has someone had similar experiences ?

would be great if someone could help me !!

i just write how i do my pe:


grip penis behind the head and pull outwards holding 15 sec each.


grip penis at the base (on the stomach) with ok sign, squeeze light und move hand upwards to the head of the penis (->to force blood into it).

is this correct or am i doing wrong ?

thank u, grin :-)

grin, have a look-see at the Forum Guidelines !

As for the pain that you are experiencing, where exactly are you experiencing the sensation? All along the urethra? Or at the exit point? Is this a delayed response? Are you sure that maybe it is not a burning sensation instead?

As for your grip technique, try gripping behind the head, not the head itself!

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