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Pain in lower abdomen. Ligaments?

Pain in lower abdomen. Ligaments?

I found a better pulley system for my weights, and 16lbs was a little too much. The wench was on good , so I felt no real discomfort at first, and I assumed the discomfort during the last set was normal of a good stretch.

Now however, i am feeling a general, and uncomfortable soreness in my lower abdomen. It is above my fat pad, might it be that I stressed my suspensory ligaments? How long should I take a break for, I want to be safe, and certainly don’t want to tear my ligaments.

I will also be reducing my weight to 12lbs for a while, when I continue hanging.


I did some lig stretches, closely followed by crunches, and got the same feeling you have. I know it wasn’t the crunches now, because they only really work my upper abdominal muscles, and lower back. I was pleased at this feeling, it fely like a good workout.

However, I would like you to define “pain”. If it is a dull soreness then that is ok, however if it is a sharp shooting pain, then real damage has been done. Pahncrd, this is not for your benefit, I know you know this, but a newer member might get the wrong idea.

Have you checked for a change in LOT at all?

It’s a dull soreness, just a bit uncomfortable. It’s not acute pain by any means, but I also have never experienced it before.

If it was a shooting pain, I am pretty sure I would be in a urologists office right now.

I guess I need to see some reassurance from people who have had this happen. It made me pretty nervous at first.

I had done some crunches with weight on a machine beforehand, but I do that every day.

Thanks for the reply.

Has anyone else had this happen?

Also, I haven’t checked my lot in a while, would that make a difference? I have just been doing straigt out hanging.

Okay it’s been a couple days, and it is still quite sore. Like a really harsh muscle workout, but deeper. Erections aren’t a problem, but it is uncomfortable to stand for long periods of time, apparently because of the pull on the ligs. What did I do to myself?

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