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pain from hanging

pain from hanging

hi everyone,

I have been getting a pain of sorts caused by hanging. Its not a sharp pain, more of an aching pain if you know what I mean. Not in the penis but about 1/2 in to the left and right of the base where it inserts into the body. It does not hurt during hanging, only after, and some time after too, like a few hours. After that it hurts on and off all day, I just get that achy pain in one or both sides. In fact, there it is now. Sometimes I can feel it further down towards my balls too, maybe about 1/2in down from where the pain usually is. I am hanging with the starter, 8 or so pounds shy of my max, wrapping with cloth and thera, with a little pump in front of the wrap. The hanger is wider at the bottom nut by 1mm than the top. It happens no matter which hanging angle I use. I always hot wrap before, and use heat during the first half of the session, which is usually 3-4 sets, 3-4 times a week. I have tried different ways of hanging with the foreskin forward and pulled back with no luck.

Any opinions? Need any more info please ask.


Sounds like It's working 2 me

Even though I would still consider myself quite a newbie at this… sounds like your hangings efforts are working and you are getting the desired soreness feeling of stretching the ligs, tunica, etc. Watch it though and of course listen to your body.

Good Luck


Sounds like your ligs are complaining. If it were me I’d ease up a little - maybe do 2-3 sets instead of 3-4 or try cutting down the weight a little until your body becomes more conditioned to what’s happening. As BBS said, listen to your body. and at the moment it’s telling you “Too much!” so ease up a little and keep it happy! :)

You also mentioned that you’re keeping a little blood in the glans while hanging. Keep a close eye on this as too much can cause injury. For cut guys it’s recommended that they hang with as little blood in the glans as possible. It’s different for uncut guys, so please use extra care and let us know how you get on.

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SS -

I believe Bigger said if your around 1/2 of your max and you are still sore then it’s time to take a day or two off. While the penis isn’t a muscle if you were weight training and were sore after your workout you’d take a day off right. Same principle.

Hope this helps, sounds like your going in the right direction to me,

no no no, it is not soreness, it is pain. And it is not in the ligs, like I say it is 1/2in to the left of where the dick inserts into the body, where the pubic hair is. Any more ideas….?

I believe the ligs fan out from the base in the area your talking about…

Pain is not good

stop hanging until you figure out whats up


So is the pain .5 inch to either side: above, next to, or below the shaft? Is it acute or chronic? Do you have the pain with an erection?


>so is the pain .5 inch to either side: above, next to, or below the shaft?<

Next to

>Is it acute or chronic?<

Not quite sure what you mean. Not a sharp pain, although I get a twinge now and then. If by chronic you mean all the time, then thats more accurate, but not ALL the time, just now and again it pops up to torment me for a while, then goes away.

>Do you have the pain with an erection?<

No, but as the pain isnt in the penis at all, if it came about and I got an erection, I assume it would still be there. But the pain does not happen because I get an erection, if thats what you mean. It is a bearable pain, does not interfere with my activites or have me keeling over or anything, its just there.



talking about pain, I’m currently hanging 6.5kg and I just coughed…..not very funny. :cuss:

I remember BIB or another mention this back on the Ezboard. I laughed at the time.



If I had to just guess, I would say it is soreness from lig stretch. It should be a little higher though.

The only other thing I can think of would be a hernia.

Keep giving information, and let us know how it goes.


It is without a doubt NOT lig pain/soreness. I cant really think of any other information to give.

Could phat or another uncut hanger give some suggestions here, I have tried hanging with the skin further back than usually recommended and this seems to help a little, but not enough to solve the problem.

Athough I have loose skin do you think it could be that the skin at the base or perhaps on the underside where it joins to the scrotum is too tight and could be causing the tension to be taken in the wrong place? This is honestly the only thing I can think of, since the other hanger I used connected right behind the head and the bib is a little further back and connects to more of the shaft.

Thoughts or suggestions…?

I started hanging 3 weeks ago and I too am having this same pain around the base of my penis.

It feels like it’s the skin or just under it.

For the first two weeks a hung with 2.2 lbs and then moved it upto 3.3lbs. When I am hanging the pain isn’t so bad but the next day I can feel it, from time to time.

Any ideas what it might be?


I use the BIB starter hanger btw

Are you cut or no?

I’m not cut.

But the discomfort is at the base of the penis where it meets the body.

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