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Over Stretched Ligs

Over Stretched Ligs

Hi Guys, just would like your opinion on ligs. I have been into a nice routine for past several weeks, been into PEing for several months. I started to do alot of and intense BTC stretches and was also throwing in some lig crashes but not many. The BTC stretches were giving me some nice flaccid length, however I think I have overdone it. The last couple of days I have noticed on the right top side of my dick some very pronouned and slightly tender ligs(I’m assuming). I can basically feel fine string like ligs (I Think)

running from the base and about 3/4 of the way up my shaft. I can take these and roll them in my finger tips and they are tender(they feel like string) and I am wondering if I have over stretched my ligs on the right side.Has any one else have this happen to them. It pisses me off cause I was going to do a measure at the end of the month as I could tell by the look and feel of my dick I was making some nice gains (my wife has also mentioned my dick feels bigger), so now I have to halt all PE until this clears up - which who knows how long that will be. My routine was 10-15 minutes of warm up with heating pad , a good 15 minutes of BTC stretches 10 minutes of jelqing 10 minutes of pumping at 5-6hg(with heat pad), 10 minutes of jelqing and 10 minutes of pumping. I would also incorporate at least another 30-45 minutes of BTC stretches through out the day as time would allow. I would also do the ADS wrap pretty much most of the day.

Anyway I’m pissed about this and would appreciate any insight.

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like a thrombosed vein. Do a search and you can find lots of help on the subject.

Hey SizeItUp, I think your right, was reading thru a bunch of threads and

it appears I have many of the same symptoms as others with the same problem…….not what I wanted to see, but I have started on the Aspirin and will take this week off from PE and see what happens…….Thanks…

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