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High Ligs and EBP

High Ligs and EBP

Finally hit the 7 inch mark although girth is behind 4.75-5.0
I’m happy with my result (about ½ in the last month or so).
Since I still have a slight tug at 7 o’clock (high Ligs) I’ve
been hitting downward angle stretched to really hit the ligs
2 x a day (jelq and squeezes once a day, 5 days a week avg).
Question is my EBP is about ¾ larger than NBP.
I am fairly lean 8-9 % BF so fat isn’t the problem. Could
there be a relationship to high ligs and larger EBP since
the ligs are prevent that extra length from showing, could
explain why these measurements vary so much.

Also since the avg length of 5.5-6.5 EBP or NBP. If its
EBP that would take me out of the avg category, which is
Cool. Of course like most of us here, I still want a lot more

Average is around 5.5 nbp, in Spain the average was 13.2 cm, nbp according to a survey done a while back, and I don’t know how reliable


I’ve got a .75 inch difference even though I’m very lean, and it is a lot less different at lower erection levels.

I’m starting to think it might be my lig structure as the difference between BP and NBP is bigger when erect than flaccid or semi-erect. Could this mean my tendons/ligs are sticking out when I’m erect and push it down to measure?

Does anyone else notice the BP to NBP spread bigger when erect?


For the difference between EBP and NBP is almost an entire inch! Like many out there, I’m fairly lean as well, but have a little more fat down below.

I think my ligs tighten when I’m fully erect, causing my penis to get pulled further into the body, thus causing the measurement between EBP and NBP to increase.

Does this sound right? Who knows, I just gotta keep hammerin’ away I guess.


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