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bib hang stretching skin not ligs?

bib hang stretching skin not ligs?

Ive been hanging with a home made bib for about 2 weeks, and at first the ligs felt pretty stretched and fatigued upto about 3-4lbs, as soon as I went beyond that I found that my skin feels more stretched and the ligs arent getting it, I was stretching BTC earlier but as I go up in a weight I hang straight down till I get a bit stronger for the more intense BTC position. But I havent managed to get to BTC at my current weight, just too hard as it is straight down. The ligs arent fatiguing and the skin stretch is pretty hard on me….

Any advice?

My bib is the one as described in the PE archive. I use the foam and all because its too big not to, needs that padding.

make sure you are pulling the skin towards the base before tightening the bib… you should have a little extra skin towards the base so you don’t get that painful feeling of skin stretch… then as you tighten and graps the internal structure of the penis, you will ensure that you are getting lig stretch instead of skin stretch… but BIB and lil’ can give you better advice than I can


Always remember, you have to stretch skin also. If hanging BTC is too intense because of skin stretch, simply reduce the angle. At some angle between straight out and BTC, it will be fine, and you will get the skin stretched over a couple of weeks. Then you can work on internal structures.


ok thanks guys,

I havent tried wrapping prior to applying the hanger yet, it was much easier just using the hanger, Im going to try that I think.

I think this may have been my fatal flaw… going to try that next session

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