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Multi-clamp numbness!



I forgot about the time last summer when I too went almost completely numb. I had been using an all day traction stretcher with a loop style chicken choker. Believe it or not, it actually seemed to be working right up until I couldn’t wear it any more due to extreme pain in my coronal groove.

Trying to find a way to remedy this problem, I decided to put the loop over the foreskin a little further back from the coronal groove so that I could tolerate it better. What a mistake that was! Actually, the first night was great being that I gave my girlfriend a really good long hard fuck because of having a numbed dick. It was really weird banging away on her and barely being able to feel myself inside of her. Maybe that’s the way it feels for them when the guy is small, hey?

The second night was a disaster! I tried like hell to get it up for her and failed miserably. I think I may have finally managed to screw her with a semi, but I should have just bagged it. The next morning she was pissed and crabby as hell at me.

Needless to say, I threw the three hundred and fifty dollar ADS in to my ever mounting junk pile of dick contraptions. The safest thing that I have found to work for dick enlargement are my own two hands.

There was a time last spring when I thought I was going to lose my cock completely. It took months for the feeling to come back. I made a really bad decision to wear a foreskin stretcher for eight hours one day with out checking it (I pissed through the hole in the device with out removing it). I had been wearing it for several days prior with out any problems, so I was mistakenly confident that everything was great.

Holy fuck when I untaped that piece of shit (r2k restorer) to take it off, my dick was completely white like a sheet and I couldn’t feel a thing with it. Also, it was almost unbelievable how small it became from this mishap (infantile looking). Two days later a whole bunch of dead tissue/skin sloughed off. My glans were always ice cold, even with an erection. My girlfriend could feel the cold glans inside of her when we would first start screwing. Even weeks/months later my glans would sometimes burn like it had been frost bitten. The foreskin was almost completely numb for two months. I did all kinds of therapy (hot tub, light vacuum pumping, creams, massages, lots of sex) for weeks and eventually things started to look better. There were a lot of healing stages that I went through, but low and behold everything went back to normal.

How’s that story for being scary penismith? Believe me, our dicks are very versatile organs that can tolerate a lot of abuse. Even though it is very possible to do irreversible damage, chances are that any damage done will correct itself with time.

One main damage done that our dicks can’t naturally correct is what is known as an infantile circumcision, but I call it a mutilation. This is definitely an irreversible injury, period! Also, a lot of the problems that we encounter from doing pe are really just circumcision related problems that are surfacing.


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Feeling much better!

It feels normal now. I am pretty neurotic, so I think I would know if it were just a little numb. This morning I had some moderate acute pains around the head and skin just below it. I was happy for those.

I am off PE for a couple of weeks at least, maybe a month. Then I will start up slow again and do a newbie routine. Maybe the rest will be good for me like it was for Dino and YGuy.


Those are some scary stories. You must be very dedicated! I am glad everything worked out.

I have done some pretty crazy things to my dick but never had any serious injuries. From here on out, I will be far more cautious. Now, I see the limit.


Fantastic Penismith! I’m glad you got your feeling back. It happened way faster for you than it did for me. On the 2nd day, still with no feeling in certain spots, I was beginning to coach myself to handle the fact that it may be injured permanently. You probably should take a break for healing purposes. You may even gain faster after.

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We all want gains - but I’m not sure I’d resort to this extreme shit. Remember, you only have 1 unit and you might not find out what is enough until you find out what is too much - but then it will be too late.

Careful man. Nerve damage is nothing to piss around with. Remember, it’s not “only” about feeling, severe nerve damage could literally result in the death of your penile tissues - or at least enough of them to cause gangrene, a life-threatening condition which would surely result in the amputation of your unit (or certain death from toxemia).


I could be wrong, but I don’t think nerve damage has anything to do with gangrene. You would need an open would for that, with or without nerve damage.



Yea, I am going to take a break because I may have weakened something. My only problem is sex, um , my girlfriend has developed certain expectations.

Thanks for your help.

Also, I did a lot of keeping warm with the rice sock last night.


Originally posted by Bib

I could be wrong, but I don't think nerve damage has anything to do with gangrene. You would need an open would for that, with or without nerve damage.


Bib, I’m not a medical professional, so I might have been wrong about the gangrene, but I do know that nerves supply vitality to an area. When my cousin suffered nerve damage to his right arm via a nasty motorcycle accident while in his 20’s (his shoulder violently impacted the road), his entire right arm withered - I mean, badly. His upper arm & forearm must’ve shriveled to several inches smaller in girth, and he could do nothing with that arm - even today, 20 years later.
They wanted to amputate at the time, but he refused - being a young man, he could not bear the thought of losing his arm (even though, in effect, he’s already lost it). It just hangs at his side, even today. He has no feeling in the arm & no usable ability with it.
I was assuming that if the nerve damage was severe enough, the surrounding area might possibly “die.” But his nerve damage was certainly irreversible, even after several surgeries.

I believe Bib is corrected. Gangrene is usually the result of an infected wound. (Chris Reeves body has little feeling but I doubt he will have to have it cut off).

Anyway, I used the Penimaster for 8 hours a day for 4 1/2 months and lost feeling due to over use and also probably due to the bad design of the rubber noose constricting my dick. When you loose sensation you definitely freak out! The sensations gradually returned after about 3 weeks thank God. I am now using the Bib Hanger and don’t have that problem.

I was curious, so I did a little searching. This article doesn’t state that nerve damage can lead to gangrene (though it implies it’s possible if that nerve damage disrupts blood flow). However, it does list “thrombosis” as a possible cause. Yikes!

Unhealead wounds
In the 17th and 18th centuries infection was thought to be caused by bad air. Open wounds were prone to infection and blood poisoning, often leading to gangrene. One surgeon, Joseph Lister, explored ideas in the mid 1860s that it wasn’t bad air but germs that caused infection. By using a primitive form of antiseptic and insisting on cleanliness, cases of gangrene dramatically reduced.

What is gangrene?
Gangrene is the death of body tissue in a localized area.

It’s not green – the skin turns black and oozes pus in parts of the body that are affected. We commonly think of gangrene as occurring in an arm or a leg, but wherever there’s body tissue gangrene can set in. The fingers and toes are the most common parts of the body to be affected, although internal body tissue can also turn gangrenous.

Types of gangrene
Gangrene can be dry or moist.

Disturbance of the blood supply to body tissue causes dry gangrene. A poor blood supply or no blood supply altogether leads to tissue death. Injury is a common reason for dry gangrene.
Toxin-producing bacteria destroying body tissue is called moist gangrene. The clostridium bacteria can produce lethal toxins in a wound - this is known as gas gangrene. The skin looks as if it has bubbles of gas beneath it. With this type, pus and infection spreads rapidly.

Common Causes
Injury blocking or destroying the blood supply to body tissue can result in gangrene.

Diabetes, smoking, thrombosis, frostbite and severe burns also disrupt the blood supply. Drinking excess alcohol damages blood vessels.

Old age is another possible factor. People at a risk of developing gangrene should exercise their fingers and toes regularly and wear well-fitting shoes. One of the key points of management is to ensure scrupulous foot care, including nail-cutting by a chiropodist.

Restoring the blood supply is vital with dry gangrene. Prescribing anticoagulants prevents the blood from clotting and taking antibiotics will thwart moist gangrene infection.

Patients have to rest and are prescribed pain relievers. As Joseph Lister proved, it’s especially important to keep wounds clean. Previous generations used maggots, nowadays we’ve swapped them for antiseptic dressings.

Providing it’s diagnosed early and treated swiftly most people make a full recovery without the need for amputation. As always, prevention is better than a cure. Keep wounds clean and sterile to prevent gangrene setting in.

Dead body tissue must be removed so as not to infect tissue in surrounding areas. This can result in gangrenous fingers or toes needing to be amputated. In extreme cases, where gangrene has spread and not responded to other treatments, amputation of the limb is necessary. Gas gangrene is the most dangerous form of gangrene and has to be treated quickly.”


Thats a really good post. I think a lot of guys don’t worry much about the hard vessels. Maybe you should start a thread about this so that everyone realizes that if you disrupt an artery to the point of blockage, you just might loose some of your dick. There might be a guy or two trying to jelq around a blockage.

I am glad this tread has gotten some attention.


Penismith, how are you doing? Are you recovered or still recovering?


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