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Is this the infamous red spot?

Is this the infamous red spot?

Just got this after masturbating. Not good right?

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Originally Posted by YouknowD
Just got this after masturbating. Not good right?

You got one kind of red spot, not the most common type. Red spots are small capillaries bursting and occasionally a bigger “capillary” burst and you get a bigger spot.
I would say that your spot is a bit bigger than the most common types and it is more common to have them on the skin/foreskin below the glans, not on the glans.

I’ve had plenty of smaller red dots, I’ve had bigger red dots on the skin and on the glans. They never cause me any problems, I simply neglect them and they will disappear within 1-3 days.

what is that?

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Originally Posted by megalomax

what is that?

A red spot.

any progress?

I have the EXACT same problem but multiple ones instead of just one. It has lasted over 3 + years and won’t heal.

I tried everything, abstaining (35+ days), arnica, heat wraps, vitamin k etc etc.

I’ve been really depressed because of it lately for the last 4 months. I feel like i will never heal properly.

I get these from time to time. One or a few of them if I only slightly overdid something. And if I really overdid something, I can get multiple speckling an area. They tend to go away within a few days, often times the very next day. To not have one, or several, go away for 3+ years makes me think it is something else unrelated to PE. But I’m no dermatologist or urologist.

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I think that red spots causes discoloration to the penis. Be careful, try to not get them. Warming up before the exercices is a good way to avoid them.

It ain’t bad. Just take it easy.

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I have reached my goal. At least for now.

I’ve got my first red spots after 6 months of PE…. (just about now) and from what I read you just need to cool down…

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Never got them while PEing yet, I guess I was lucky.

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