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0.6" wide red spot on shaft - advice please

0.6" wide red spot on shaft - advice please

After 3 weeks of 5on2off warmup, 30min jelq and casual stretching i have now recieved one hell of a red spot. It is bright red, sits on the upper right side of the shaft and is clearly on the skin only since i can move it up and down with my skin. It doesn’t seem to have any mass when i touch it but it still bulges up a bit and looks like a pimple in the making.

It causes no pain or discomfort and I have read before about red/black spots but this one is quite annoying/scary. My question is simply: Should I stop my PE until it disappears or just go on? Is it dangerous?

cheers and thanks for a great supportive forum! getting a firmer and veiny penis already.

Hi mace23

This happened to me once too. You have just overdone the jelqing a bit. It is nothing to worry about and should disappear in 3 or 4 days.

I stopped PEing for a couple of days and when I restarted I made sure that I did not aggravate that area. Try dry jelqing instead of wet jelqing for a few days.

Good luck with the PE.



It’s most likely discoloration it seems to happen to most people, there is a thousand threads on what to do about it and nothing really seems work, but it’s harmless

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It’s a broken blood vessel, probably a vein. In any case, after a few days it will go away.

I’ve seen several of these in my “career”. I’ve always taken a few days off while waiting for it to go away.

This is the number one reason to not jelq in the dark.

I’ve had the same problem before. Twice a day for three days, I hot wrapped or showered and massaged the area. My spot was quite a bit bigger, but it followed the same description.


Originally posted by MDC
This is the number one reason to not jelq in the dark.

*jelquing to the Mission:Impossible theme song from the TV show!* :D

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!

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