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my first red spot

my first red spot

I just got a little red spot. What is best to do to get it to go away? If so about how long? Does it just naturally go away? Should i not PE for a while?

Hey man!

First off, calm down your dick isn’t gonna fall off. I’m assuming you don’t mean a sore, just a red dot caused from a tiny popped blood vessel in ur wang? The red dot is just that and is caused by the pressure you put on your dick during the exercises. It is actually a good indicator that you did the exercises well. They should clear up over time. If you are in your first or second week, I’d go a little lighter next time you do your routine just to give it a little break.

Hope this helps!

Almost everyone gets these when they first start doing PE exercises. They should clear up within 24 hours.

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I agree, for me, they go away within half a day if I keep at it with hot wraps every few hours. —> This may be helped by amino acid pills and L-arginine however…

The only time that I have had spots that did not go away within a couple days, were after doing 440 squeezes when I shouldnt have been doing them and the spot was about the size of the ‘turn knob (winder)’ on most watches. But I have only gotten that like once or twice max.

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