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I can't get an erection now.


I can't get an erection now.

Feel free to move this to the injuries section.

I was a lurker of this website since last summer. I started PE beginning of August and did the newbie routine and then later months incorporated BTC stretches. I did this for about 9-10 months. For the past month and a half I decided to increase the amount of time jelqing from 15-20 minutes to 20-25 minutes and longer BTC stretches. And I went from 2 days and 1 off to 2 days and during that “day off” just BTC stretches. But I did take a day of the week off from any PE exercise for a resting day.

So yesterday (all I did that day was a couple of hours of BTC stretches and maybe 15 dry jelqs), I was resting on my bed when I started feeling sharp pain in my penis. It felt like a jabbing sensation in my urethra. This went on for a minute until it went away. And later when I tried getting an erection I could not do it. I went to the ER to see a doctor and he did an ultrasound and felt my penis to see if it hurt anywhere. He did not see anything wrong and told me it was probably in my head. Today I tried again to get an erection but it seems like I cannot get any amount of blood in it. Before yesterday, I would get aroused immediately from touching or watching porn but neither is working. I am probably going to see an urologist if this continues until tomorrow.

I do not think it is psychological because I know my penis, and It would get at least a semi erection if not a full erection from trying to masturbate or watch porn. Does this sound like a symptom of over working my penis? A scar tissue? And dare I say maybe a venous leak? I just cannot arouse myself it seems not even to a semi erection.

Probably over worked it, just take a couple weeks off, you’ll be amazed at your body’s ability to repair itself.

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Your unit just got tired. Let it have some rest days!

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Alright I got some relief. While I was distracting myself with video games I felt an oh so familiar sensation. I rushed to check, and I had an about 10-15% erection when before I could not even get it up past 0%. I do not think it was not a venous leak since when the ER doctor used the ultrasound nothing was found wrong. Ultrasounds will definitely pick one up right? I just want to be 100% sure. I think and pray I did overwork it. Hope resting fixes it.

But I am still going to the doctor to be certain and will have to see my primary care doctor first before the urologist. I did some research and the doctor sometimes give you ED medication or injections to see if the penis can retain the erection. If it is overworked do you guys think overfilling it with blood will damage it more? I am going to ask the doctor of course to make sure but looking to see if anyone has any thoughts since collectively we at Thunders are pretty knowledgeable on penises.


The collective thought has been given. Take a break. Give your unit a rest of several days. Nothing you have described is overly concerning,,, yet. Give your body a chance to work things out before you get excited and worried about it.

There have been many of us that at one time or other (and some of us never learn our lesson so we have done it multiple times) have overworked our units with similar results.

For what you have described I would not even go to the doctor at all, unless after a week I still could not get an erection.

I understand your panic but don’t get too worked up. I’ve had a number of short-term problems that seemed terrible at the time, but all just needed a bit of time off. With any ailment, penile or otherwise, the common advice is seek a doctor if symptoms persist. Give it a week.

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Just do some light jelqs will help

Also, obviously, change your routine to have more rest. Don’t do it again.

Thanks for the reassuring words and help guys, it means a lot to me. Well it has been about 36 hours since I could not get erect, but I already see some signs of improvement. I am trying not to force my penis to get erect on purpose, but I have been getting more hard ons randomly or with some touching. They have been around 15-20% erect. Like I said before I am still going to see my primary care physician just in case nothing else sinister is going on.

For helping to speed up recovery, I am going to be applying heat. What did you guys with injuries do? Put heat on in intervals throughout the day or just in one go? How long did you keep the heat on?

And my second question. I been looking around other PE forums and one of them mentions the 5 g’s (green tea, ginger caps, ginseng, oderized garlic, and ginko biloba) which would help blood flow and speed up recovery or even if one does not have an injury it would still help give them better erections anyway. Apparently many users have been using the combination with success. Anyone have any first hand verification of this?

I can’t get an erection now.

well, that’s bad, dude. :D
anyway, you have to: Watch your PI’s carefully and change the routine to find what’s best for you. newbie routine for instance was even too hard for me in the beginning, so I did some light routine.
and I recommend lot of heat, rise sock and IR if applicable, for recovery.
and of course rest days until your unit goes back to normal, no matter how long does it take.
and read.. there is a lot of info in this forum, and keep a records of your size and routine in the statistic page, it will help you and all others who will try to help you.. I consider it as my medical record :) don’t be ashamed of your size, this will only help you getting bigger.

considering your injury, I think that may be a nerve. also take a view of an anatomy pictures. Penis Anatomy

and take it easy.

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I do not get the impression that you understand what it means to leave your unit alone. Not only should you take a break from exercises but also from playing with it or trying to get it to go hard. Give it several days of true time off.

There are several threads in the “supplements” forum. I have never seen reference to the 5 g’s here but some of the 5 could be good. Again, I would not jump into the 5 g’s just for the effort of fixing your unit right now. Typically it takes a few days for herbs to start having an effect.

I would look first to your overall health before trying to supplement just for your penis. If you smoke - stop, if you are drinking - stop, if you are not eating a good diet - start. If you are not getting enough sleep - Go to bed,,, alone. Simple things like that.

Thanks Laeh for the advice, I admit I was so relieved when some blood started going into my penis when I was randomly aroused that I did try to stimulate more erections throughout the day for reassurance. But I will stop doing that now that I know it is probably recovering.

I asked my primary doctor about taking supplements but he said do not take any just rest my unit. And I will follow that advice along with yours Laeh to not jump into supplements to fix my penis now.

My overall health is good. I drink occasionally but I am stopping altogether until I am fully recovered. I eat healthy.. Well better than most Americans. I sleep a lot now that it is summer.

I will keep on applying heat with a rice sock everyday to let some blood flow and hopefully let you guys know when I am fully recovered. Hopefully someone who goes through this similar situation will find find this thread and not panic and freak out as bad as I did.

You went to the emergency room for inability to have an erection? Or was it severe pain?

The initial minute of pain went away and then I could not get an erection so I went to the ER. Life threatening cases are the priority in the ER but for non life threatening people just wait until a doctor is available and usually takes up to hours of waiting.

But I am happy to report I have recovered exponentially, I applied rice sock heat yesterday and this early morning I got a nice morning wood. And my erections comes a lot easier now. Not as easy as before the injury but close. Erections are from 95-98% from just eyeballing it. I feel like one more day and I will be completely healed. I definitely overworked my penis and will be taking it slower and more rest days instead of going crazy. It is not worth damaging your penis and I thought I was fine because I did not get any negative PI’s before the injury but at least I know the limits now.

I was in the shoes of people who are not able to get erections for a little while and it was terrible. I was depressed and I thought I was going to have to break up with the love of my life. Thank you guys for your quick responses, support, and help. My rapid recovery was a nice birthday present this morning!

That’s awesome news man! At the very least, you learned your lesson. By the way, did you gain at all in the time you’ve been doing PE?

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