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I can't get an erection now.


Originally Posted by Rokusha
I am happy to report I have recovered exponentially…

Erections are from 95-98%

:thumbs: Glad that you have escaped serious injury.

Long time lurker…

I had a very similar situation to the OP that seems to be getting better, but I must say what a terrifying week. Now that it seems to be getting better I can’t help but feel the need to better myself — you really don’t know how good you have it until its gone (or you think it’s gone).

I basically injured my member on Wednesday night and was 100% flaccid until Tuesday morning (saw a doctor on Monday but wasn’t given anything, have another appointment next week) — being a guy that usually springs them with the merest thought of sex, this was immensely troubling. Treated with a rice sock and some Gingko Biloba. Woke up with a little something on Tuesday and Wednesday and was able to get a full erection with the help of a warm sock on Wednesday night (not intentional but it happened). Thursday brought upon a totally unsolicited one which was just immensely comforting. I’m hesitant to say I’m fully recovered at this point, and plan on taking a long hiatus from any activity, but I certainly feel a lot better about my chances. The talk of Dorsal Venous Leaks and Penis Implants (especially for a single 20-something) is absolutely terrifying. This has been the longest week I can remember having in some time.

If any newbies read this — TAKE IT EASY. Seriously.

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