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Getting an erection too easily.


Getting an erection too easily.

Sup guys, I have this problem. Well, older guys bitch about not getting an erection and need to take Viagra, and I’m the complete opposite. I get an erection TOO easily. When I hold hands with my girlfriend I get an erection. When I kiss her I get an erection. And when I think about that kind of stuff (not even sexual intercourse) I get an erection. I get erections way too easily off of simple stuff, and I’m always stuck wearing jeans instead of something more comfortable.

I know some of you may think it’s great that blood flows so easily down there, but it’s really getting in the way. I want to be able to let her lay on me while watching a movie or just having those moments without a boner getting in the way. Can anyone please help me out on this. I would appreciate this greatly.


Oh and does anyone here have this kind of problem with the addition of too much pre-ejaculation? Like when I’m holding hands I slowly feel my boxers getting wet. I wish I could control myself more better.

Are you through puberty?

You need to, either, go back to the drawing board or your GF is WAY too hot. ;)

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

I think I’m through puberty, I have lots of facial hair, and of course other hair, but my dick isn’t even that big. I don’t know anymore, I just need a way to control these erections.

It’s just a part of being young. When you’re having regular sex, that I’m assuming you’re not having, your dick will calm down.

Try regular masturbation :D

Of all the things in the world to be worried about.

Next time you’re with your GF and you get wood, tell her it’s time. Like ziggaman says, once you are having regular sex, this “problem” will take care of itself.

I started a thread some weeks ago about this, because I have this “problem” too. There isnt much thing to do about it, except try to control your erection which is not an easy thing.

You don’t need to be aroused to get an erection. Personnaly, I was so comfortable with my g/f and enjoy the moment so much every time we were close when watching a movie for example that I often had erection.

Like it was being said in my thread, this isnt a problem really. Your g/f find it probably flattering, if not, then just make things clear with her.

Try kegel.

I always able to subsides my full erection when I kegel

I get hard way to easy to. Just looking at or talking to a hot girl makes me hard but sometimes I can’t stay hard when having sex, figures huh?

I remember at school when a girl would hug me or sit on my lap I would get a full hard-on and then within the next few minutes all her friends would be having a shot hugging me or sitting on my lap, I wonder why?

LOl another job I was working in a hotel and when a fit girl would come in and ask stuff I would get a raging boner just talking to her behind the desk. If I had to leave the desk it wsa a total nightmare trying to stash away my 7inch sausage erectus.

edit- oops this thread is old, nevermind too late

“sausage erectus” :D

I have this problem too, I’m 26. It’s sometimes annoying but better then being on the other side of the problem I guess, so it could be worse.

HA HA — this is not a “PROBLEM”.

Enjoy it while it lasts. Age and experience will calm it all down.

Additionally, I have never known a girlfriend to be offended by an erection. Pretty sure yours finds it flattering.

Just wear basketball shorts all the time :) .

"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wow this thread brings back memories. U4B and gorbiewan were practically fixtures here when I first started posting.

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