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Hard 'roof' along top of shaft sometimes

Hard 'roof' along top of shaft sometimes

I dont actually know if this is normal, or even if I had it before PE, but I sometimes have what feels like an almost cartilage-tough plate along the top of my shaft. Its not always there, but when it is, I can get these super hard, but slightly smaller-than-without erections, and it still hangs around even after Im flaccid, only not as pronounced.

Its not visible; I can just feel it. It isnt a vein and from the feel of it, is separate from the two main chambers. Its kind of just sitting on top of them..

Sketch I made just now for reference.

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That’s interesting. Have you spoken to a urologist about it? Does it hurt when touched? Is it something that can be seen from a picture? If so try to post a picture of it.

There is talk of dorsal thickening and the septum(steel cord like) that runs the length of the shaft.


1. Urologist if it seems abnormal to you
2. Post a picture of it and maybe someone can help you identify it.

Nope. Can’t see it. It’s a sneaky bastard..

I actually did just now think about why I never saw a urologist about it. Although, I think it may just be that I’m stupid :)

The one problem I get, which is actually a pretty annoying one, is that wearing a bibhanger (bibstarter*, whatever..) is impossible as bjork when this thing shows up (which it does a lot whenever I try hanging. A cruel irony). I can’t get it on tight enough without having to compress this tough structure on the sides (Imagine ’ — ‘, but then ’ ^ ‘!) and it’s not exactly pleasant

Is it possible that it’s a clogged lymph vessel or is it an actual plate type thing? A clogged lymph vessel would feel like a firm guitar string if it is a lymph channel. They can also be larger than a vein almost like a collection pool. If they are clogged they can be firm. What makes me think this is the fact that it is not always there.


When its hard, it feels like a damn riot shield. When its softer tho, especially when it starts to fade, yea, it kind of feels like a lot of really tight bunched up fibres in laid out along my member

It could be just the join between the two CCs which is thicker. If it is you might be able to feel one or more of the dorsal veins and arteries above it. They might feel a little like gut guitar strings under no tension.

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Originally Posted by LittleDingy
It could very well be this?

Knowing whether you are limited by Dorsal Thickening/Septum

That doesn’t sound too far off.. Hm. Dang.

Originally Posted by djrobins
A couple of guys have broken their septum or dorsal thickening on accident, which allowed it to stretch out further, obviously in injury.

Wait, is he saying that these guys opened up to new gains by breaking (part of) their dicks?

I think I’ll just do fulcrum extenting once I’m less homeless-person-esque-poor

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