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Targetting the top side of your shaft?

Targetting the top side of your shaft?

I’m still on the newbie routine (or my version of it at least) but 3 month mark is coming up in a few days and am trying to do some planning for the near future when gains start to slow down or stop.

In porn I rarely see guys that have a penis that looks like mine. I see the odd one though. It’s quite wide and narrow, and also kind of curves upwards with a high erection angle. The glans kind of points up. I guess this is the same for everyone where we are used to seeing our unit from above and when you see it from the side or from infront like when standing infront of a mirror its a strange sight. It looks totally different from every angle. The reason I’m bringing this up is because as it curves upwards, both the glans and the shaft combined with a high erection angle, I think I’m getting jipped on some length.

The underside part of my shaft is alot longer then the top half. And I think I could get some easy length gains if I could -

1 - Straighten out the upward curve.

2 - Target stretching out the top side of the shaft, rather then the underside. So that it points straight out more instead of straight up. I don’t even know what this area is called, is it the septum, or dorsal vein area?

How do I isolate this topside shaft area? People often talk about targetting tunica but I don’t think I’ve seen this talked about before. If it has been, any advice or help you can give me can hopefully help me in my searches for my info.

All I can think of at the moment is inverted v stretches. Any ideas would be great.


There’s a lot of information on this, but I’m not an expert on searching. The top side of your penis is the dorsal side and it does have a prominent dorsal vein. The main limiting factor on the top side is where the chambers of the CC’s converge; the septum. This is the toughest limiting factor for length. Those who have trouble with length almost always have a tight septum that limits their stretches. If you feel a beam going down the top center of your penis, taught in all directions, but most prominent in the straight up (SU) position, it’s your septum. The septum is part of the tunica, usually the toughest and thickest part as well. Manually very hard to defeat, but would be most hit doing A stretches and SU stretches. Do some searches with key words from this post and you will definitely find more stuff. Good luck!

Have you tried doing the inverted V stretches yet?

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I’ve tried the odd one, but won’t be doing a focussed routine with them until newbie gains from other simple stretches slow down.

Thanks rushmore that helped alot.

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