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Glans bleed

Glans bleed

Hey guys,
Before I start I want to assure you that I’m taking time off from this, and I won’t start back up again until I’ve healed fully. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I’m patient.
Now, I was hanging a week or so ago with my Capn’s wench. I had just switched to a more ‘proper’ attachment site. I had previously been wrapping and attaching just behind my coronal ridge, and had been doing so with success for about a year. However, I was starting to develop numbing issues after I bumped up my set from 10 minutes to 20 minutes, so I tried the more well accepted method of attaching the hanger 1” down from the coronal ridge. After hanging this way for about 5 days, at roughly 8 20minute sets per day, I had an interesting thing happen. I got an uncomfortable twinge in my head, and then a pinpoint amount of blood squeezed itself out of my glans, almost directly on but slightly forward from the coronal ridge. The feeling then subsided as quickly as it came and I, stupidly, continued with the set. I’m now on break until this heals but I have a very small, hard scab where that blood pushed out and no matter how much antibiotic ointment I put on it or hot of showers I take, it doesn’t look like it’s going to heal very quickly. But again, I’m patient. I’m on the sidelines until this is sorted.

So my question to you guys is this: What happened? How can I prevent this in the future? Was I doing something wrong or was I just unlucky about having a capillary so close to the surface? I try my best to squeeze the blood out of the head as I attach, am I not doing a good enough job of that?

My attachment strategy is like this: I wrap with a thin self adhesive bandage from just under the glans until about 1 inch from the base, getting tighter as I go down, and then attach a thick ACE style bandage about 5 layers thick, then attach my wench. I then use a hose clamp around the wench, pull my head out for a full stretch, and with one hand squeeze my glans and with the other hand tighten the hose clamp until I feel it’s tight enough not to slip.

Again; Yes, I am taking time off until this heals. I have been active in PE for about a year and a half. I am well conditioned.

Thanks guys

Sounds like a cut. If it take more than one week, well, you just have to wait. How to prevent? The hanger should be well built and well attached. The weight hasn’t to be too high when using some kinds of hangers.

I suggest you forget hanging when you’ll be healed. Once you had numbness, now this… maybe it’s not the right choice for you.

hmm, how is it then that I’ve been doing this for a year now and this is the first real issue? Sure there was the numbness but I can deal with that by loosening the clamp between sets. I’ve been using the same hanger for the past year. It’s well built, grips well and still gentle enough, Bibs hangers scare the shit out of me.

This bleeding issue only arose when I tried to be more correct according to the vets and attach lower down the shaft. I don’t see how that amounts to hanging not being the right way for me. What’s the problem with my technique? I have the same anatomy as everyone else who has had success. I’ve had success with it as well.

Have you considered that, because you changed the hanging style, your penis was simply unaccustomed to the new and different forces being applied to it?

Provided that all other things stayed the same, such as a good warm-up and consistent weight / time, this is the only thing that I could think of.

Take a bit of time off. From my experience the penis heals quite slowly, and if you dont give it time to heal fully the injury will just recur. After that maybe you should start your new hanging style the way you started your old one, slow and steady. Pretend like you are a newbie again.

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that sounds good, whiskeyfish. thanks.

Dymn, I based my reply on what you said. Your injury sound like a cut to me, maybe if you posted a pic one could have had a better figure.

You had two of what sound like serious injuries in short time, if I’m reading right. Experienced or not, maybe you are doing something wrong.

A scab would probably only occur from a cut. I’ve had blood out of my urethra when doing V/A Stretches with a belt and a lot of weight. Never had any scabs and only hurt a little.

Just out of interest how much did you gain Dymm in that last year of hanging?

So long as you hang comfortably I’d say everything is good, you probably just pushed things a bit to far. Numbness definitely is not ideal though.

Yea I’m probably pushing it a bit too much. I’ve gained about an inch, when I measured 2 months ago I was at 7/8ths of an inch gained, and I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten the remaining 1/8th in. It wasn’t a cut, it was a drop of blood that got squeezed out. I have no idea what happened, the hanger was nowhere near it, and as soon as that tiny drop of blood came out, that was it. No further bleeding. Everything is comfortable, numbness goes away 2 seconds after I release the clamp holding the hanger. Maybe I should go back to 10 minute sets or 15. Jumping from 10 to 20 without a step between probably wasn’t very bright.
Considering this issue, I know I’m doing -something- wrong, I’d just like to figure out what it is so I can correct it, and move on.

Here’s a picture. Like I said, there was nothing near it except thin adhesive bandage that has long lost its adhesion. I can’t start a thread in member’s pics so if a mod finds this picture unacceptable, please accept my apologies and move the thread.

Thanks for your help guys.

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I think the hanger was too tight and in the wrong place: it has caused what do seem like 2 little ‘explosions’ in the glans, so pressure was too high there. I’m still doubious those could be scratches caused by the hanger.

An AFB is safer than a Cap Wench, IMHO.

Doesn’t look like anything serious. Apply some anti bacterial cream if you have some and it should be gone within a week I’d expect.

If you want to keep using your current technique I’d suggest you wait for the cut to heal up or you could risk making it worse. I’d probably try and find a method to hang a little, even if it’s just one set a day to keep the adhesion’s pulled out.

No way that could be a blood blister is there?

Originally Posted by Audacia

… I’d probably try and find a method to hang a little, even if it’s just one set a day to keep the adhesion’s pulled out.

I think it is very, very unlikely the he has any adhesion in his penis.

for the sake of posterity:

I found that what was causing this was that when I went to tighten the hanger, I would pull my head out so as to be fully stretched. I would then tighten when fully stretched. When I stopped doing that, I stopped having issues with this bleed.

Nice to hear. Arey you uncut?

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