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It’s been a month I started jelqing, and now I experience blood coming out from my penis and it’s from the head can anybody comment on this.

Pls. Help I’m scared

Your penis is going to fall off. Seriously though. Your penis is going to fall off. Just kidding. Stop jelqing for a while until it heals and then take it slowly. You don’t want to risk causing any more damage.

Does your penis sting when you go pee? If so you may have a tear, or you may have a yeast infection. Yes, on rare occasions guys do get yeast infections.

How old are you?

Do you play sports, what kind of sports? My boy (13 yrs old) has blood in his urine, this is from football. His hips got rotated up and back, this has caused strain on the valve which inflammed it, which in turns caused the bleeding. Hockey, you could have taken a good hit. Or you just could be pulling with a gorilla vise grip.

What colour is the blood? How much blood? How often do you bleed?

As furryone73 states take time off. If the bleeding continues go and see your DR.

If your having sex make sure you wear a condom to protect your partner.

Vincent! STOP whatever you are doing to your penis!

To gg43:

No it only bleed one time when I jelq.

Today my penis seems find despite of the bleeding I have yesterday could I continue jelqing with a lower pressure?

First let it heal for a few days. Then you could start jelqing again.

The rest days are as important as the workout days.

How tight is enough when jelqing? Can you recommend me how many days should I stop jelqing?

Tight is enough when you can feel the blood moving around in your penis. Any harder and you are going to have trouble.

I did a couple of 3 days of and it still bleed, man I need help. Maybe I gave too much preasure when it reaCH THE HEAD because I squeeze it tight when it reach the head

Does it bleed when you don’t jelq?

If you stop for a few days, does it keep bleeding?

Have you ever suffered from Haemophilia, or illness/difficulties associated with ‘connective tissue’?

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No it doesnt bleed when I don’t jelq or pee

To be honest, it is unusual. Generally it wouldn’t be expected to happen.

I don’t want to scare you, but, it might be something to consult a doctor about. Do you have access to a doctor?

Is it a lot of blood?

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A few drops of blood. I experience it once a few months earlier but it doesn’t effect my erection and there is no pain maybe I just over do it.


its normal when you apply extra pressure, I have had that like 3 times.

Just rest a few days and back to normal it goes, dont get scared.

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