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Discolouration in head

Discolouration in head

Ive been pe ing for nearly 3 months now,i have slight gains but something came to my attention a few weeks ago which is worrying me a bit.The colour of my head has gone v pale and has lost its colour.(colour is spelt like this in England!)Ive had to be v carefull in last few weeks but the colour does’nt seem to be returning.I have used the penistretcher,the power jelk and a bib starter.I have stopped using the penistretcher because i think that is whats caused it.Do any of you know anything that will help to bring back some sort of the colour in my head.Thanks in advance.

jo90, sorry to hear about your pale head. I have the same problem and have had it for about a year now from using the bib hanger. Not enough ciruculation was going into the head and destroyed the pigment cells permenently. :( I asked my dermatologist and uroligist about it and they said it will not go away. Who knows maybe yours will. But if it doesn’t you have no other choice but to get used to it.

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