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Discoloration peel without pain

Discoloration peel without pain

Well I thought I might add my 2 cents. I’ve done the shedding the snake painful 17 percent salicylic acid and it worked but nevertheless it was too painful to try it enough
Times to get my dick to look ok.

So I am letting you know that today I peeled using Maxi-peel 3% for 6 days straight , leaving it on at night. The bottle contains a chemical that is banned in the u.s because it may cause cancer,,, so do your research before you buy. I bought it in eBay, the process involves no pain at all. It started pealing after 6 days and I helped it along so it shed the shaft completely. It was like pealing a banana .

That’s it

Oh I used maxi peel #3 not 3%.

not scared to get dick cancer?

Jesus… I want a pink dick again..but not cancer

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