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Advice-Input Appreciated

Advice-Input Appreciated

Hello everyone,

This should probably be moved to the injury category but I cannot post there as a newbie. About 5 days ago now I was going through my newbie routine which consists of basic stretching and about 200 jelqs as well as a warm up and a cool down. Midway through my jelqs I noticed a dark red spot over a vein running along the top of my penis below the glans on the shaft. I was not sure if this was a thrombosed vein or a bruise. Having red through a great deal of threads on the site and having a kinesioogy background I thought it to be more a bruise than a thrombosed vein. The vein does not feel hard under the skin. All has cleared now and I wanted to start PEing again but before I do I wanted to ask if anyone has come across this before? I have been doing my newbie routine for just over a month now I have seen some small gains and am excited to continue. I have noticed as well that the veins on my penis look larger in general is this normal? Any advice or input is appreciated.

It sounds more like a big blood spot than anything else. Cause? Too much pressure on jelqs, probably. If it is gone, you can restart PE, but lighten up.

Bigger veins is a common and good sign.

Thanks! In that last session I put the most pressure thus far so I guess the limit is just below. I also noticed some of the veins are more blue, is that common or a negative PI?

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I guess it is just the skin that covers those veins that is darker, not the blood inside.

Red spots and bruises are generally superficial. You are only doing stretches and jelqs so you probably don’t see a lot bruising.

When/if you get more aggressive you will see a lot more and just have to accept them as the price for a bigger dick. My daily red spots and bruising are always gone by the next day.

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