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Need Advice From Everyone!!!


Need Advice From Everyone!!!

Ok Here We Go

I ordered a few products to guinea pig for you guys. I am going to start a routine in roughly 2 weeks from today

First thing I ordered is a 6month supply of VP-RX ( not Vig-RX ) which was reccomended on the pem site

Second thing I ordered was the Power Jelq device which has had some great reviews

Third thing I ordered was a 6 month supply of Ultimate Diet Fuel for increasing my heart rate and metabolism for fat loss
200lbs with 29.31% bodyfat LBM 142.1 BF 58.9

I was too late on ordering the bib hanger, so any suggestions on a hanger would be greatly appreciated. I want to get a hanger before I start in 2 weeks

Here is the advice I need

I want to be a great contributor to the routine and review.

What in your opinion is the best combination of exercises and routines to use for the next 6 months?

I want to include the following

Non-PE: Weightlifting ( Want to lose 40lbs (20%) bodyfat in the next 6 months and gain 15lb muscle
Will be combining Cardio workouts with core muscle lifting
also will be using the Ultimate Diet Fuel

PE: Want to include

Natural PE Exercising
Stretches..Kegels..Jelqs..Ulis…etc etc
Will be using the Power Jelq with this

Penis Supplements
JUST VP-RX ( I want to see if this really works so we can put this argument to rest )

Hanging : Don’t have a hanger just yet ( Bib how about sending me a free one for a nice donation )
Biker Hangs look great I think I will include these

Anyway I have written enough, I just need a great workout routine to include all of the above. Thanks in advance for your advice

lol, Do you want us to tie your shoelaces for you also?

>Non-PE: Weightlifting ( Want to lose 40lbs (20%) bodyfat in the next 6 months and gain 15lb muscle
Will be combining Cardio workouts with core muscle lifting
also will be using the Ultimate Diet Fuel<

Go to and search for articles in there. Theres tons of info on gaining muscle and losing fat. You have a lot of reading to do. Dont forget that your diet is more important than your training, if you dont sort that out yu may as well not bother. So make sure you do.

For the PE routine, it depends really on how much time you have. I think hanging is the way to go at first, get some length before working on girth. Have a look at other peoples routines and see what your options are.

Good Luck

PE related

Kamel407 welcome,

Spend as much time as you can reading the posts. Research the data. Do your homework. Most of all it depends on you and how much you’re willing to committ too. I would recommend beginning slowly and really pay attention to technique with out overdoing it. Experiment with different exersizes to find out what you like and dislike. Your routine will slowly evolve over time and you will find what is the most effective program for you.

There is no better resource than this forum. Use it for everything it is worth. The gains are there for you to achieve.



Congratulations on your resolve to lose weight - get fit! You received some good advice from the other posters. I can tell you that the only way to “permanently” lose weight is to make lifestyle changes. First, you have to put healthy food in - and watch the calories - and second - you have to burn calories through exercise. Weightlifting - walking - jogging - swimming - biking - any combination of these will help you. Also, try eating a protein bar for breakfast and a piece of fruit and a protein bar (or a piece if chicken or other lean meat) for lunch - then a nomal dinner. Also, drink lots of water. These are only my humble opinions, mind you, but they have worked for me whenever I have needed to shed 10 or 15. Also, please keep us updated on your progress.

Good luck!


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

i think you should try a 3 on 1 off for your jelqing and hanging

and for weight lifting buy some protein powder one that has some where around 25 grams of protien per serving take that 3 times a day moring after work out and at bed time


fat loss

Well, I have lost 30lbs fat and gained 10lbs muscle in the last 3 months, I hope I can lose 40lbs fat and gain 15lbs muscle in the next 6

I’ll keep you posted


Keep in mind that caffiene restricts the vessels in the body and may hinder circulation. Also, when I first started (30 days ago) I also bought the power jelq. I use it for stretches, I like manual jelqing musch better. Good luck!!

Kamel 407,

Alot of guys keep logs to document thier progress and evaluate what is working and what isn’t.

Establishing your goals prior to starting is great , jelqing is a good way to increasing circulation and preparing your unit for the work ahead. After a while concentrate the pressure on the sides of the penis .

Maybe after a few months of this activity you could use some other form of girth enchancement appproach. Don’t forget your prework out hot wrap.

Understand that PE is a process not an overnight wonder and the amount of work that goes into it is in most cases is quite a bit.

As far as the hanging goes while I haven’t used the AFB2 unit
the founder has given it great reviews. He even has a video of the unit in action on his site. Then here is still the homemade Bib hanger version that Bigger used to add up to 4.5 inchs in length.

Remember to take it slow and stay healthy.

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emmmmm..but taking the PE pills and doing the exercises as well wont settle in debate once and for all!!.

because if you do gain..well which was it.the pills or the exercise?

or both!..wont know will you…

Hey I’m not gonna try to settle any debate ;o)

I’m just guinea pigging products and letting you know my results

Hopefully if I get good gains it will be informative for others

I purchased the pills, the pj, and searching for both the bib hanger and the bib starter… any sellers? hehe

Good Luck PE’rs


All I have to say is WOW

Got the PJ 2 days after I ordered and the PPills 4 days after I ordered.

I figured it would take a couple weeks but who knew

I’m not gonna start PEing yet, but I have been messing around trying to get comfortable with all the different techniques.

Just wanted to know what kind measurements should I take?

I’m really only worried about erect length and erect girth, but for the sake of the forum, I figured others would want more measurements, so let me know if I should measure anything other than erect

BTW how do you measure flaccid? usually my penis is turtled all day long, which I don’t have a problem with

ANYONE have a Bib Starter or Bib Hangar for sale? let me know

FWIW, here’s my input.

Weight loss:

- yeah, make sure it is a lifestyle diet change. Make it somewhat slow, sure, and not too much of a PIA - that way you ‘accept’ it as your new diet for good. Keep a count of calories going in - here’s a link for a calorie chart -

Once you start counting then you’ll really know how much is going in. Keep good protein levels, cut saturated fats like a dog (kill the partially hydrogenated crap - look at labels).

Make sure you are doing good weightlifting. That and a good diet work together and get good results. And make sure you are doing cardio. I used to cut cardio because I just thought I was so naturally gifted physically that I didn’t need it, but it is a key for keeping metabolism (and thus energy) flying high.

Now for PE:

Get started! Make something for your warmups (I use a few rice socks). Get used to that warmup and some manual stretching. You need to get used to a routine so you don’t take forever doing it.

Keep a log. It’s very important to me. If you want a copy of my new log, send me an email through the site system and give me an email where I can send a copy.

Measurements - well, I just care about girth, erect length, and erect bonepressed length (the latter as a benchmark measurement for reference against the regular erect length measurement). Flaccid - I figure what is the point? It varies all the time so what is ‘accurate’ there for me? It either looks good or it doesn’t, is the way I figure. I like mine alot.

Anything else?

Start PE’ing!! And get your initial data on the PE Data Site. Schnell!!!


If you are into weightlifting then I suggest you check out

Thanks guys, all of this information is golden, don’t forget this isnt just for me, its for all the lurkers out there who are too nervous to post, I finally got over that hesitation

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