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Advice and supplements for thrombosed veins

Advice and supplements for thrombosed veins

Five days ago I reported on my progress report that i have a thrombosed vein on the upper left side of my penis. I took several days off and dissappeared. After this morning of doing dual fulcrum hanging i noticed a huge lump vein that runs from my base all the way up to the upper left side of my penis. It doesn’t hurt but I’m getting nervous. I didn’t use any hot wraps before hanging, so maybe thats one of the causes of the thrombosed vein from appearing. If anyone has more advice please tell me. I know I’m going to take more days off.

Here are supplements I’m taking to help thin out the blood vessels. Let me know what you think.
Aspirin-good to take before you sleep
Niacin 100mg Flush Free-before hanging or stretching (probably not a good idea to take it with aspirin, so I mostly will it take it in the morning or afternoon).
Hot wraps-throughout the day
Red Wine 1 glass a day-anytime
Fish Oil Omega-3 Fatty Acids-anytime
Zinc 50mg-anytime

You could add some Ibuprofen. Regular hot wraps should help.

Does flush-free niacin have the same circulatory benefits as regular? I’ve never taken either.


Niacin, taken orally as nicotinic acid, can produce redness, warmth, and itching over areas of the skin; this “niacin flush” usually occurs when doses of 50 mg. or more are taken and is a result of the release of histamine by the cells, which causes vasodilation. This reaction is harmless; it may even be helpful by enhancing blood flow to the “flushed” areas, and it lasts only 10-20 minutes. When these larger doses of niacin are taken regularly, this reaction no longer occurs because stores of histamine are reduced. Many people feel benefit from this “flush,” but if it is not enjoyable, supplements that contain vitamin B3 in the form of niacinamide or nicotinamide can be used, as they will not produce this reaction. (Note: When vitamin B3 is used to lower cholesterol levels, the nicotinic acid form must be used; the niacinamide form does not work for this purpose.)

Cat’s Claw I hear works too. Some Herb that is not too expensive. Worked wonders for my ulcerative colitis.

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Good question hobby,
I found this website about niacin with or without flush. He’s basically saying at high dosage of niacin you might get liver damage. I got the GNC version of Niacin no flush.….asp?news_id=84

“When niacin supplements are consumed in doses above 50 milligrams, a flushing, or a redness and itchy feeling, may appear in the face and neck,” says Luke Bucci, vice president of research for Schiff. “To prevent these side effects, Schiff uses inositol hexanicotinate for a niacin source. This allows the enzymes in body tissues to release niacin slowly to avoid the undesirable flushing response.”
However, consumers should check the labels of some time-release niacin products. Time-release products that contain niacin alone (vs. Schiff Niacin, which has niacin bound to inositol) decrease the flushing response by releasing niacin over several hours in the gut – but may cause concerns about liver health. Regular time-release products send high levels of free niacin to the liver, which must be processed immediately. Schiff’s Flush Free Niacin sends bound niacin to the liver so the liver does not have to react to high levels of free niacin.”

I read on some other sites that liver damage can be a problem with very high doses of niacin (several grams daily). The guy in your article is warning that the liver may not be able to keep up with the continuous stream timed release pills provide. So, take his company’s improved product. ;)

One doc, again pushing his own product, claims the flush is desired, and you should adjust your dosage if needed so you get flushed. He sounded pretty kooky though, reminding me of that coral calcium nut on late night infomercials.

Greetings mike2002,
Gonna quote to you from my A&P book directly as it says it best.

Vitamin C directly affects the normal production and maintenance of matrix materials, especially collagen. Vitamin C also strengthens and promotes the formation of new blood vessels. With vitamin C deficiency, even superficial wounds fail to heal, and the walls of the blood vessels become fragile and are easily ruptured.
Source: Tortora & Grabowski: Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, 8th Edition, Pg. 119

I would suggest supplementing a good Vitamin C in decent doses during recovery, say 1g twice daily.

Hope that helps you out,
Darklin Sithas

Darklin Sithas

Darklin Sithas thanks for your input, I drink about 6 glasses of tropicana orange juice a day which has vitamin c but I guess that’s not enough for my healing. So, I’m going to cvs and get Vitamin C 1000mg (immune system). Twice a day.

Hobby, I’m taking GNC Niacinamide 100mg (no flush) twice a day along with ibprufren. I think several grams of niacin woud be overkill.

So far my veins are still hard as a wire :mad:

>I think several grams of niacin woud be overkill.

Definitely. Several grams is bad for the liver.

It took weeks for my thrombosed vein to clear up. Then I had to be careful not to overstress it for several months. Have patience. I hope you’re planning on at least a month off.

Originally posted by hobby

>I hope you're planning on at least a month off.

If it doesn’t get better in a month or two do you think it’s possible for me live with it and hang more? As long as I can get an erection.

I’d let it completely heal and then rest another week or two for good measure before PEing. If you don’t let it fully recover you’ll injure it again and have to endure another layoff. As you know, they suck!

When you do eventually start back, take SS4’s advice about using a stretchy wrap and keeping sets to 10 minutes. And no more marathon sessions. ;)

Here’s an updated list.
Aspirin-good to take before you sleep
Vitamin C 1gram twice a day
Niacin 100mg Flush Free-before hanging or stretching (probably not a good idea to take it with aspirin, so I mostly will it take it in the morning or afternoon).
Hot wraps-throughout the day
Red Wine 1 glass a day-anytime
Fish Oil Omega-3 Fatty Acids-anytime
Zinc 50mg-anytime

I’ve done research on thrombose here and other websites and read that Heparin (Antithrombotic therapy) is excellent for treating and preventing thrombose veins. That’s why I put it number 1 on the list. The bad news is you need a prescription for this :mad: If anyone knows a website by getting this without a prescription. Let me know.

Mike, sorry for resurecting an old thread…

I see that in 03-21-2003 you still had a rock hard vein, but no update after that. Do you remember how long it actually took to go away, did it ever go away? I know this is years later, sorry!

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