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Seeing Progress

Seeing Progress

Hey everyone I’ve been doing manual stretching and kegels and I’m seeing some progress. My flaccid length is going up and my dick isn’t retracting as much. I only do it in the shower for like 10 minutes a day I know I need to be doing more but, I work 12 hour days that and the gym leave me with virtually no time.


Good work mate!

Start 9th May 2018. 6.00” BPEL. 5.75 “ MEG. end-newbies: 19th Aug 2018. 6.75” BPEL 6.00” MEG. 20th Sept 6.9” BPEL 6.00” MEG. June 2019 7.25 BEL x 6.1 MEG with cockring on.

Target: An extra inch in length. No fancy car, just an extra inch in length.


I started the newbie method about 3 weeks ago. Not sure I am doing it correctly to be honest. I am stretching in bed and the shower then 100 jelqs in shower every day. My penis looks pumped and more solid but does retract back after a run. I did measure the length erect and I was 14.5cm and now I am 15cm but that could just be my measuring or the fact my bell end is pumped due to the jelqing. I will continue abut I will know for sure that if I reach 16cm then it’s definitely working.

I have had to calm down a bit as I do suffer from torsion of the testicle. The daily morning 4-5 light stretches and 100 jelqs in the shower have stopped for a couple of days. It’s definitely made a Difference to the feel of my flaccid. It’s more solid. I think maybe the 100 jelqs every day for 4 weeks was a bit much to start with.

I measured myself last Saturday and I was 6 inches length bone pressed (take measure). Never been that before and 5.3 inch girth mid shaft I have to admit my dick was plumped and I nearly came. The wife literally came back with her mate 30 seconds after measuring so that would have been embarrassing!

Having read the forums my length is average but my girth seems to be pretty decent.

My question is whether I can make gains just doing my 100 jelqs in the shower every morning?

Originally Posted by Willy D
My question is whether I can make gains just doing my 100 jelqs in the shower every morning?

You might, but remember, sooner or later some planning and intervention will be needed because this routine will eventually worn itself out and cease to show any progress.

The newbie routine also recommends some rest, don’t forget about them, they are just as important as working out days.

Good luck!

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 8.2” x 5.1” (5.3" BEG)

My pictures - Fast cars, cheap girls

Thanks Lenny. I think I need a solid ruler to take some measurements and have this NBPEL etc sorted. I think I was swollen on Saturday as measured girth again and it is 5 inch not 5.3.

I think I will have to get my meaurements sorted then take some pictures and post them.

Again appreciate the feedback.

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