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Results of my routine and details of it from 5.9x4.7 to 7.3x5.9

Originally Posted by sr. spock
Plaese give the names of that ” unbelievable ” gainers . I would like to see if they report such gains in 4 MONTHS .
I see that you are a veteran member as me . Please explain me how a veteran member can believe of a gain of 1.2 INCHES GIRTH IN ONLY 4 MONTHS !

I gained 0.4 in one month. Doing PE almost all day.
With a fitting routine it is possible. In OPs case he also started with a bad eq.
Imo with most big gainers its not always a net gain due to PE but many times lost size worked back including EQ increases.

There is a great thread by bearded dragon I believe about big gainers and the times and intensitys are all over the place.


Ofcouse I read that thread . I am not saying that those gains are impossible . What I am saying is they are impossible isn such short period of time . .As a veteran you should know that 4 months in PE are Nothing . Even the gains cant be cemented in 4 months .

Please dont tell me yuo won and CEMENTED 0.4 inches in ONE MONTH . As you say , your inch gain came becuase you are PEing all day . But are those gains cemented ?

@Sr.spock hi, sorry to get in the middle of your discussion but I think I might have something to add. I don’t think op said at any moment that his gains were cemented just that they are there. I highly believe that he would lost at least 70% of his gains if he’d take a entire month off PE right now. But also, If his EQ was as bad as he stated before and he did his first measurement with a 85% erection he might have gained a lot more than we are thinking just from a better EQ. And I really don’t understand why someone would lie here on thunders, we should try to give others as much accurate data as possible in order to help each other

@Alzadig hey, congratulations on your gains. I do believe you. I’m also a Brazilian and my starting date is close to yours. Although I’m a little younger than you I’m also experiencing some great gains, not as great as yours but they are nice. You should check my progress thread here on this part of the forum see if you find something interesting. I’m waiting to see your progress !


First of all welcome . Obviously as a new member you have many things to know about PE .

When someone states gains those stats have to be cemened stats . If not this would be very confuse for all. Some giving ” cemented stats ” . Others NOT cemented..

If the stats you take of yours gains are not cemented you are cheating yourself .

My routine is pump+clamp all the week without rest . Imagine my girth when I finish my sessioms . Not less than 18 cm . But I dont cheat myself thinking I won 5 cm in girth . The real gain is what someone cement .

Originally Posted by sr. spock
When someone states gains those stats have to be cemened stats . If not this would be very confuse for all.

I disagree.
When people normally state gains around here, they state those gains right after they have measured those gains, or some days after. In other words, at that time they don’t know if they are cemented or not. And if people only can state gains when they are cemented, as you said, what are the criteria for saying that those gains are cemented? Do they have to wait a month after they measure the gains with no peing in between, and if the gains are still there they pass the test? Or what is the method for knowing that your gains are cemented?

Anyways, I think it would be a lot more confusing for all if you have to be sure that your gains are cemented before you state them.

Started 07.06.2008 with: 6.5 bpel, 6.1 nbpel, 5.1 eg.

Around 08.19.2008: 6.7 bpel, 6.3 nbpel, 5.1 eg

My goal: 7.5 bpel, 7 nbpel, 5.5 eg

Originally Posted by sr. spock
Ofcouse I read that thread . I am not saying that those gains are impossible . What I am saying is they are impossible isn such short period of time . .As a veteran you should know that 4 months in PE are Nothing . Even the gains cant be cemented in 4 months .
Please dont tell me yuo won and CEMENTED 0.4 inches in ONE MONTH . As you say , your inch gain came becuase you are PEing all day . But are those gains cemented ?

Well I have usable hard 0.4 inch girth more since I started my girth programm. I gained steadily over a 1 month period of intense training. And I hold this sicne 2 months of “normal” PE.
I never stop doing PE for more then a week. So its no edema but I cant say if I loose it after not peeing a month as I never stop doing PE. The moment I loose EQ I cut back.
For me gains come in spurts whenever I hit that right intensity. But this intensity cant be the same forever.

Four months of PE can be very much if you hit your way of gaining. Cemented or not I dont care. All that counts in my book is usable(best EQ, no edema) size to be right at this moment.
I will PE my whole life so I might not have the same concept of cemented as people who think its a one time race. If you dont use it you will loose size always.
Thats why many PE big gainers gained in many cases lost size back and combine that with “newbie” gains and you arrive at the numbers…

You see after I had my length gains I had problems with EQ. It was still the same size in girth before Is tarted PE but not as hard and steady. When I started the dedicated girth programm I instantly started gaining EQ and girth. This I hold since then.
It ties into the TGC therory in that my gained length needed to be filled by “girth”.

Now if a newbie that had a bad EQ prior to starting PE and measuring hits the right amount of intensity/progression he can arrive at these numbers of usable doubt.

As said. There are people who never quit PE at all. Its part of their daily life. Some might say thats what PE is. You cant apply any cementing requirements to them..
For me a cementing phase is a phase where I hold whatever I have gained. If I loose some of what I have I ramp up the intensity again. Over time this leads to gains.
Its like a climbing sine curve that never hits zero.
Of course a bloated pumped up cock isnt “legit” gains. But when I hit over some days or weeks the same gain with a usable dick(no visible edema top EQ) then I claim it to be my size as any female thats meets me with this size will defenitely say this is my size.

So if OP stops today and does no PE for a year I wouldnt be surprised he lost most of it.. If he carrys on(!!!!) he might gain more or stay at that size…

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Sucks that so many threads on here turn to arguments. Maybe it has something to do with the nature of people on here and having big egos.

I have used this technique before and seems amazing but wasn’t sure if it was safe.

Keep up the good work and keep gaining. Don’t change your routine because it seems to be a great one.

Thank you guys who said so many interesting things. I´ll get to you in a minute but, first, let me talk about the “cemented” topic.

I never measure right after I jelqed. Normally I measure in the end of the second day off, but the stated current size was measured after my last break of about 12 days or so. Since I’m not planning quitting jelqing (When I finally get the size I want I’ll keep doing some maintenance routine indefinitely, like dickerschwanz) that’s “cemented” enough for me :) . No hard feelings, ok?
Also, when I first measured I was at my 92% maximum erection at the time. Now I try to measure at 95% and consider the times I hit 100% a bonus. I once got to 9cm that way but I won’t consider it my size until I can get to it with no effort.

@Predo108 – It’s very nice to see another Brazilian here (and writing proper English). Thank you for your words of support. I’ll follow your thread with much interest!
I don’t see many PE conversations around here and really wish more guys knew about it, since Brazilian girls tend to care about size a lot.

For the record, I lost a little length during my last break, about 0.3cm (some error margin here).
I’m seriously considering posting some pictures but I’m not sure yet due to some spiritual beliefs (and because if the fiancee finds out she won’t be very happy).

@Dickerschwanz – I’ll browse your previous posts/messages since you seem like a person worth reading the posts. Thanks again for your support.

@Gettinbig4me – I think I’ll always change my routine a bit depending on how I’m reading my body, but I’ll post any changes here.

Finally, well, Thunder Place is proving to be a very nice place to chat and learn one of the things most men think every once in a while. I’m already very happy with my equipment but I guess every man wants to see his girl chocked with his size.

Alazadig, that is amazing!

In all 13 years that I have been at Thunder’s Place I haven’t seen any gains like yours: 3.5 cm in length and 3 cm in girth in only 3 months!

You are the first case.



You are totally wrong. Dont you know how to read ? Read with attention and in post number 9 he states that he did a good research and found A LOT of members with such gains ! He called them UNBELIEVABLE gains .

When I asked the names of those gainers he send me to do ” my own research “

So please , after 13 years you have here , please , make your ” own research ” if you havent heard of such wonderful gains ! ( good luck to find them )

Originally Posted by alzadig

I’m 28 years old. I’m vegan and, while not saying that the diet itself has something to do with my overall health, in my routine exams cholesterol numbers are always good, my blood pressure is normally a little bellow the average (11 by 5) and, well, I don’t know if any of these things matter, but it’s always nice to provide more information.

Well I call bullshit. All of it, diet and all. Gains like that are impossible, you just don’t know how to measure, or just think we’re all stupid.

7.8" BPEL x 5.25" EG

@Sr. Spock, captjohn and whoever continue writing in a non polite way:
This is the last time I’m replying any comment from people who don’t know how to behave themselves.
Listen, I am very sorry if I offended you, for real. I believe I have been polite and not aggressive in any way up until now. Honestly, I think that to be stupid is to disbelieve something just because it may seem hard for you to believe and, not happy enough, trying to make other people loose focus.
Let’s suppose I WAS the very first one around here with such gains (of course this is not true, yesterday I browsed through the pictures section and among the very first posts I found people going from 13cm to 16.5 in three months WITH pictures. But having myself a 50kpbs internet connection I reserve me the right to not waste time and bandwidth trying to provide links to people like you). As I was saying, supposing my gains are really that amazing, why don’t you try to reproduce a routine close to mine? Being proud senior members I’m sure you won’t get hurt and, well, just test for yourselves. It may not work as well as it’s working for me because, I’m sure that smart guys like you are aware, every person has a different body.
You don’t believe me? Fine, but please, stop garbaging my post. I’m not touching yours, so get the hell out, let some people who are willing to learn together have some space and, also, don’t change the focus of people’s posts. You wanna complain about me? Great, start a new thread and go ahead, have fun!

Don’t throw your personal frustrations into someone else achievements. It’s just not a mature thing to do, ok? Thanks in advance.

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Sr. spock, in case alzadig and the other readers didn’t grasp the meaning of you lines when you say that I don’t know how to read, why don’t you say clearly what you think about alzadig’s claims.


I’ll just ask again that you guys start a new thread to complain about me. Can we just agree in that at least? In a new thread you can call me liar, dumbass, whatever you want, I swear I won’t complain. Just leave my post alone so I won’t start new ones to continue doing the ONLY thing I intended to when I first got here: share information and learn from other people.

I would appreciate it greatly.


Do you really think I wasnt clear what I think about his claims . Have you read all the thread ?

Alzadig … Two things

First : show me where I use an agressive word against you ?

Second : This is nothing against you personally . Its all about making a defense of Thunders Place credibility !


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