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Reigniting My Gains


Allrighty, need to stop letting the wife distract me from the routine. I have recently adopted a manual stretching routine done by angle and left right and center, x 3. So BTC left right and center x3 @ 30 seconds each. I also do 10 minutes of regular jelq. I have also successfully made a cock coil ADS and use that a couple hours a day if possible. It took me a while to get the CC ADS to where its use able, but once I get a solid fit its good to go for a couple hours.

Restarting Muh Gains, may brodin guide my cock.

back on the wagon after almost 3 years away. been doing a basic routine with a heatlamp warmup/warmdown, with light stretching and jelquing so far followed by a bit of time in a homemade pump (rock cleaner) for a couple weeks. Had to stop for a couple days because of a hurricane. No new measurements yet as I’m on a workout day. i made a silicone sleeve ads, i can wear it for about 1/2 to a full hour without it getting uncomfortable. it slips off if i have it too tight, ir if i get an erection. I was contacted on reddit a couple of days ago by a dude just getting into PE and he told me about a couple of things.

Specifically about a Dr. trying to patent an injection based P.E. method using vascillodilators to cause a high flow priapism for 3-4 hrs a day, 3-5 days a week over several months with honestly astounding results. Too expensive and dangerous atm but I will be following this as it develops. Dr. Kenneth Adam’s is who i will be looking into.

the person who reached out to me also brought up PMMA i think and wanted my opinion. Sounded interesting until i did research on it. It seems to be a filler of some sort, often used in the past on aids patients to recover some body mass where it had been lost. I don’t know if its approved in the U.s. but if anyone wanted to do that they should be very careful about who and where they get it. The thread i read said that unless you get it from a very skilled high end plastic surgeon it could be rejected by your body, or over time develop problems with the substance and have strange bumps or deformations. Some people were very successful and happy with their stuff but the common factor in all of them was that they had the procedure performed by a highly skilled doc.

I am hoping to get back into the habit of keeping up with this as i just read the “lex luthor” method thingy. I don’t think i will be quite that successful but hey man, whatever improvements i can get i will take.

Restarting Muh Gains, may brodin guide my cock.


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