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I’ve got it recorded as 5.1/2 inches. That was only a year ago. What amazes me is the changes were so slow I still feel the same lol.That was measured with a piece of paper.I will double check when I get a better measureing tool.

got my 8” measurement again. I think it is here to stay.

no changes for a long time now. What do I do now? maybe a break?

What was your flaccid girth before PE and what is your flaccid girth now?

I never measured that one. I don’t know. I just bought a penis strecher from china. $16 Great quality. Even copied the warranty card LOL.

They say clinically proven to work we’ll see.Pro extender

This Pro Extender from china seems to strech it hurts a bit and also I have to be completely flacid to fit into it. I put in three bars and then crank it up a bit. Love the feeling of streching with no work.


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