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no days off completely. But sometimes I don’t pump for a couple days.

Ok was getting a little worried but just acheived anouther 1/4” with 100% eq 7 5/8” seems hard to get growth anymore.

in the bathmate I have hit the end lightly without the comfort pad. Balls in. I thought it was progress.

I think I may be a hair longer. But my progress has slowed close to standstill.Seems to be girthier if I take a few days off.

no new progress to report. All gains have stopped. Should I take a decon break as I’ve heard others talk about?


nothing to report


just got a measurement hope it stays. stretched on a 3 hour car drive in a lightning storm. Ate organic lost 5 pounds.

Did you take a decon break?

Also did you gain any girth statistically or visually?

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not really anything long maybe I should.

i haven’t really measured the girth for a while I might have. Ill post that soon

ok girth is now 6” just below the circ line.

new goal. keep doing pe but lose the fat pad. anything I get from here is a bonus.

Nice girth bro, by any chance do you know your starting girth?

By the way great gains !


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