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Originally Posted by dongalong
Thanks for your answer Spartacus100, it’s very helpful.

If you clicked the link to the PE Gym Phallosan gains table in my first post of this thread, you’ll see that your gains were way more impressive than nearly everyone mentioned.

Red tension (3 Kg) and almost constant heat seems to be advantageous compared to the standard Phallosan instructions.

The only downside is you reached the device’s growth potential very quickly - although an extra inch and a half isn’t much of a downside! Maybe after a deconditioning break you can get some more gains with it.

I’ve been stretching for 10-13 hours per day with my homemade Phallosan, I have been adding heat but usually only for the last 3-4 hours, I’ve noticed that I have to tighten my belt more at the end of the day, the extra flexibility from a heated shaft is very noticeable. I don’t know what tension I’m at but I sometimes hang with a weight suspended under my desk and it feels the same as when I’m hanging 1-1.5Kg. I might add a bit more tension after reading your post.
The cooling down period sounds like it might help too, I read about it years ago but I haven’t seen many success stories from doing it.

How did you make your home made one? I just tie a small rope around my waist with socks on the end. To tighten it, I tie knots in the rope. I also have a slip knot in the middle that I pull out as I wear it to add tension.

4/16 BPEL 7.2 MSEG 6.0

1/17 BPEL 7.75 MSEG ~6.2 BEG 6.75

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Originally Posted by BigBootyFan

How did you make your home made one? I just tie a small rope around my waist with socks on the end. To tighten it, I tie knots in the rope. I also have a slip knot in the middle that I pull out as I wear it to add tension.

Like you I used what I had available but that included a collection of old PE devices that I don’t use. I explained everything (with photos) from this post in my progress thread: dongalong - DONGALONG-er than before!

This is the one I’ve been wearing recently: 004.JPG

Originally Posted by Spartacus100
Usually 5 days a week. Sometimes more sometimes less. But usually 5 days.

For how long each day did you wear it usually?
5 hours, 6 hours, 7 hours, sometimes 8 or more if I could. I think my log tracked just under 8 hours average.

How did you manage the tension increase?
I kept it in the red after about the first 2 weeks. I just adjusted the belt slightly about once a month to be sure I was at maximum red tension.

When and how did you apply heat?
I applied heat during the whole session except the last 30 minutes or so. I let it cool off naturally during that time.

Did you use the Phallosan alone or combined with other PE techniques? Is this the only PE you’ve tried?
I tried other stuff. None of it was as easy to use as the Phallosan. So I quickly abandoned all the other stuff.

A what rate did your gains happen, constant regular increases or irregular?
fairly regular. 1/2” the first month. 1 1/4 after the second month. 1 5/8 after the end of the third month. After that I didn’t seem to gain, I figured those 2 months were cementing the gains. So after the fifth month I pretty much stopped. I have kept all of the 1.5/8”. I’ve tried a few other things recently but haven’t had the time to invest in a substantial routine.

Are there any other details that made the difference compared to other Phallosan users?
Not sure. I believe heat makes a difference. I believe longer hours makes a difference. I was thinking other Phallosan users saw similar gains with the same investment of time. I didn’t consider myself to be exceptional.

I’ve been doing what you did for several days, I had to take a week off due to a vacuum blister but have got back in to it in a more safety conscious manner.
I haven’t gone straight to 3 KG (Red) tension straight away, I thought that I’d build up to it because I was surprised at how intense 2Kg of tension is. I’ve modified my home made Phallosan set up to incorporate a tension meter (Angler’s scales) so in operation it is just like the real thing. One thing I found is it is very difficult to maintain the tension, the plastic adjustment clips slip. I added a safety pin like you suggested, the belt gets really tight at 2Kg (yellow/red tension).
So far I’ve noticed a constant stretching sensation, much less comfort and upon removal, an extra long flaccid hang which stays like that. I’m not going to measure until I reach 500 hours but my boner does seem a little longer already.


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