OperationGobig progress

I am ending week 11 in my journey to a bigger unit. So far I have gained a 1/8” in mseg and no other gains. I have spent a lot of time reading other posts and came to the conclusion that my septum is limiting my ability to gain length. I know that I have not put in enough time to see substantial gains. My erections are hard as humanly possible and that is why I believe hanging will be my next move going forward. So far I have used the newbie routine and mixed in pumping and edging. Edging while taking C4 15 min before has given me my girth gain IMO. My minimum goal is an inch gain each way and a maximum length gain of 2”. My base is 1/4” narrower than the rest so I believe hanging will fix that while helping me achieve my length goal. Then I will work on girth.

Starting stats 3/13/16 6” NBPEL 5-1/2” mseg
Now 5/27/16 6” NBPEL 5-6/8. Mseg