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My progress- great gains


Originally Posted by juiice
Honestly I cannot say for sure, but many of the more experienced members here have always advocated for continuing a routine until it no longer produces gains. PE naturally toughens the penile tissue due to all the stresses we apply to it, and as the tissue toughens, it becomes difficult to stretch and enlarge. Because hanging exerts greater force and stress upon your penis it would naturally make the tissue toughen up faster. What I’m saying is that by beginning hanging it is more likely that in the future manual exercises will not produce any gains, as they do not exert enough force to break through the hanging toughened tissue. So if you were to desire more length gains after hanging, you would need to do more intense exercises. It is important to remember that tougher and more intense exercise do NOT lead to faster gains, they are available for those that cannot get gains off of less intense exercises.

By this logic, you should continue your current routine, which is working excellently, until it does not produce gains within a reasonable amount of time, say a month or so. Then you could either switch up your routine by varying the manual exercises you perform, or you could move on to hanging. Anyway, best of luck to you.

Thanks juiice that deffinately makes sense. Il stick with manual exercises until the gains stop

Consistency is key.

Nice, I love hearing about jelq gainers. I hope you reach your goal.

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