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Mobys progress report bathmate/stretch/jelq

Mobys progress report bathmate/stretch/jelq

Good evening gentlemen

I have been lurking here for a while now and I figured it was time to come out from the shadows.

I have been working a PE routine since January and so far I gained 1.6 cm in length and about 0.5 cm in girth (the girth measurements is uncertain because I didn’t measure properly before I began the routine). My routine is based on the newbie routine but I added some bathmate time as warmup. I bought a bahtemate a few years back and after a few pumping sessions it has just been gathering dust. But I think it works well in combination with stretching and jelqing!

This is my routine.
Hot shower and light massage of penis.
10-12 minutes of bathmate pumping.
10-12 sets of 30 seconds stretches in different angels.
3 sets of 50-70 slow wet jelqs.
Couple of minutes cool down with bathmate and cool water.
50-100 kegels.

The lower number is what I started out with in January and the higher number is where I am now.

My starting measurements was BPEL 14.9 cm and current BPEL is 16.5 cm
My EQ is much better and most of the gains I believe is duo to improved EQ.

I will update this thread a few months apart but feel free to comment and share ideas and suggestions!
And English is not my first language so please be patient with my (possible) grammatical issues.

PS: Before I asked myself if PE really worked, now I ask myself why I didn’t started years ago!

What does the more experienced PE:ers think about my routine? I’m thinking about maybe doing some changes. For example start out with the stretches then do the pumping and finishing of with jelqs. Or maybe Do it all I 3-4 sets. Like 5 minutes pumping then some stretch and jelqs and repeat. Any thoughts?


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