Lose Skin

Hi guys, I started hanging about a month ago, and have logged about 22 hours from it. I started at 2.5 lbs and am currently at 5 lbs. My routine is as follows;

- Warm up rice sock 10-15min
- Hang 20min
- Break 10-20min
- Re Warm
- Hang 20 min

And so forth up to 3-5 sets per day, depending on my schedule. The hanger is a relatively crude one. It’s a pipe clamp with a wire attachment to allow the weights. This being said I’m only finding relative comfort when the glans are engorged and a small amount of skin acts as a barrier between them and the wrap for the hanger. When this is done its very comfortable and seemingly safe as glands don’t pass the dark red zone in the 20min set.

Was jelqing the first few weeks but stopped as this wasn’t recommended for length gains in collaboration with hanging.

At this point I have noticed no gains (I’m not measuring and don’t expect any for at least 3 months) but I am starting to develop some extra skin hanging over the glans. After reading the info on hanging I can see that this is relatively normal..

However I just wanted some feedback from other people. IS this normal?