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Injury and sex

Injury and sex

Hello all, this is my first post to start off on a bad note, I ordered the x30 bathmate recieved it 2 weeks ago started jelqing before recieveing the bathmate tried to keep the days seperated after I started using the bathmate. Jelq and stretch 1 day pump 1 day rest repeat but I got crazy pretty quick.

Woke up 1 day and must have thought I was gonna gain an inch that day did a pretty intense jelq and stretch then pumped for 8 mins stopping half way but probably to high pressure when pumping had red dots after that session my right testicle was closed to getting sucked up the pump kinda hurts sometimes now.

Friday night I did a very light pump just to get some blood flow I don’t get erections like 2 weeks ago definitely messed something up I’m very sexually active for the last 2 years I could count days off on my hands and feet lol but around the same time as this my wife and I started a beef which I’m holding out for but I need to have sex tonight.

On the 3rd day off from all PE , 5 days no sex
I can get an erection I’m sure with my wifes help it would be much easier I’m just wondering if its a bad idea with the injury to have sex I’ve seen some things saying you shouldn’t looking for opinions not to worried about the injury as of now I’m taking a break from all PE until I’m back to normal but stopping sex will be tough. Thanks in advance

Have you read the newbie routine at all or you just doing your own thing?

I just read it and more I should have read before starting, after my second day I followed good looking losers routine for bathmate and jelq but that didnt last but a week without me messing that up il probably follow a strict routine and being alot more gentle when I recover and get back into it I’m still reading aot now that I’m not doing PE so il probably read on the 2 newbie routines and go from there id like to incorporate the pump somewhat so its not just a trophy for a while but ya I probably shouldn’t have bought it acutally thought about the whole return process today.

Any thoughts on the sex while injured?

Any thoughts on sex while being unjured? Can it have a negative impact on recovery?

Well I will say that I feel a little better I had sex all is well. My EQ is definitely better just finished my 4TH workout on the linear routine. See how she goes. Thanks guys .

Put the pump away for a few months!

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

I’m going to try its already hard but I will probably lay off it. I should have just been smarter bought pills like 10 years ago don’t have to explain that, always new about jelqing but I like the easy out lol so I thought the pump would help but I’m done being lazy.

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